DB649 – Fundamentals of Radio, Scouting is annoying [and a lie], and Woman Distracts Man With Nude Swim

It be Thursday…

Leigh is having major issues with a moron at Scouts [which is a lie]. Everyone seems to be a tad upset with silly things – Leigh tries to help them out.

We have Bear Grylls news, he survives things with a camera crew. He and his team are visiting New Zealand.

The subject of Charlie and the chocolate factory was brought up.

A naked female swimmer distracted a victim of a robbery…

DB541 – Doctor Who RUINED Christmas and BT Infinity was a LIE!

It be Monday…

Today’s show has been lovingly sponsored by TechnoExpert.

Leigh is joined #BOM Brian and catch about what happened over Christmas. Doctor Who Christmas Special RUINS Christmas for an 8yr old boy. We also take some time out to say thank you to Tory, Martin, Erik, Dan, Matthew and Laz for donation to the show over the Festmas break.

Examples of desperation at this years CES with the launch of Ubuntu Phone and the Nvidia ‘Project Shield’ their new portable console. We have also gained a dog called George over the weekend – who has AWFUL taste in Talk radio. 2 Oompa-Loompas Attack Man in Norwich. Caption of the Day: Winner is LoneSQRL with “This is the fabled ‘top gear’ I’ve been hearing about”.