DB608 – Zombie Exercise, Afraid of 40MMM sized boobs and Jesus was a Hipster [OBVIOUSLY]

It be Wednesday…

We are not here for the next couple of days. Leigh has a wedding to attend and drinks to drink.

We discuss Jupiter Broadcasting and the owner of that network Chris Fisher. His hair may be plastic allegedly.

Leigh and Ben tell stories of their respective lives, the common element is a box.

Its Marty from the Women’s Institute’s birthday today. Happy Birthday!

We have zombie news! A Michigan university professor hopes her students take away life lessons from a mini zombie apocalypse in the area.

Allegedly, fashionably goatee Jesus was a hipster.
How does one combat the bad PR stuntage the church has had? We reveal the best ways.

Ronald Clark, a Kiwi man, went to jail for having cartoons of elves and pixies having sex. He faces 10 years of state supervision if convicted.

A woman with 40 MMM breasts is worried that they are lethal weapons, because someone nearly got suffocated under them.

DB381 – Adam Curry wears a Wig, Dog Licences, Flat caps, and Cake is REAL! [+Extra Dirty]

It be Thursday…

Leigh is slightly ‘under the weather’. Let’s explain a few things about yesterday. Was a bit of a panic to get back to the studio in time for the show today. Bit of information about yesterday, and why Leigh wasn’t about. Leigh has come up with an AMAZING idea about dog licences. Ben Splinter calls in from Aussie-land. Salt-ban on Fish & Chips. Ben has decided to try out Sir Darryl’s show… Went ‘bad’ with malware – same as All Digital Radio site. Could is because Drupal has been ‘compromised’. TWiT not allowed to promote coupon codes on the site? Behind the scenes of NAPU this week. We ring up MCS Matt about cloud computing. No Agenda doesn’t like me…

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DB245 – What NOT to do at a Birthday Party…

It be Wednesday…

General selection of amazing ‘top tips’ for life, Got to be quiet, Been with Anttthony 2 all day talking about RAF bases, Random trip to Imperial War Museum Duxford, Update of Britain Rediscovered, What NOT to do at a Birthday, Inventor builds a bike, Sex Robots [image 1 | image 2], Naked rowing, Toy bus parking tickets, Dirty Boxers: Dark Side launching soon, Swap team wake up call, Blow-up dolls at High School!