DB450 Part Deux – Iron Sky review, Racism quotas, and Business Plans…

It be Thursday Friday…

Apologies for no podcast yesterday, but the power cut at the end of show corrupted the saving of the file. Therefore we present… part deux (b-movie style). splinter701 @splinter701 and Charlie boy @bearcrawling call in to improve the quality of the show. Leigh got his fabled call to accept his business proposition. Also, quotas are evil. Yesterdays show is gone over: Quotas are evil, they are a form of racism and sexism and heightism. A discussion of Iron Sky (hooray for the nazis) is discussed after the top of the hour. It is a spankingly brilliant film, with great effects [avaliable on DVD and Bluray + Digital Copy]. The international song is played with leigh singing along. Taxes and stuff, leigh has a solution for rich and poor. Chris @guidemedia shills a few of his shows, rather good. Leighs grand plan for being on 50 shows in 50 days is coming to fruition.

DB404 – No bloody meeting, iPad 3 is being delivered and Talk Radio X are mean…

It be Friday…

Back home from the west country. Went to a meeting – which turned out to be cancelled. Meanwhile, the Dirty Boxers site seems to be broken?! John [@johnm1117] calls in waiting for his iPad 3 to be delivered. Big thank you to James [@wild_smurf], for helping us for being on air while in the west country. Bit of feedback from Laz concerning PayPal subscriptions. Talk Radio X doesn’t like Dirty Boxers. Teenager SMS texts a police officer about “hiding the body”. Going to have curry night with Dominic Neagle, Sputnik Ant, Ginger Steve and others.

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