DB468 – Tetris is as Russian as Granny Porn

It be Friday…

Leigh is flying blind today! The instruments have broken and only the webmistresses can save us! Leigh has been at a hospital bed for a long time, and is completely unprepared. Therefore, Ben @splinter701 calls in to say hi and talk tosh.
jm1117 @johnm1117 calls in to tell us about his ongoing road trip and holiday, he is having a good old time. He graciously gives us a weather report.
We call Brain @brianmonroe and he acts as Leigh for a couple of minutes. He the goes in to full technoexpert on the subject of SEO.

A woman in Ohio has broken INTO a jail, our expert panel discusses this in depth, changing the topic through a series of related discussions to stealing copper and other semi-precious metals.
We then return the original story (which Ben thinks sounds like a movie scene).
We then move on the topic of software and technology, with adobe and nokia being lambasted by Leigh and Brian, with Ben helping.
A man has been extremely upset by a picture of a certain american presidential candidate on his girlfriends facebook.