DB454 – Laz’s Muscle Hurts…

It be Tuesday…

Today is a slow news day, so we talk about YESTERDAY’S news from the stunning, and completely factual “The Sun” tabloid newspaper. Supermarket trip from HELL. Mr Oil calls in from Florida about things… Tesco and their new ‘racist’ doll line [image]. Laz [@larryortiz] calls in to talk about his saggy bot bot. “Welsh Maggot” is racist. 14-Year-Old Girl is Urged by her Mother to get Breast Implants [image].

DB388 – Drinking Horse Semen, Rolex, The EVILS of Mississippi Mud Pie, Country Credit Ratings update, and Top tips about Bournemouth

It be Monday…

Leigh has got a strange feeling he has forgotten something… MCS Matt and Mr Oil call in to bitch about stuff. The GREAT debate about Rolex. Laz calls in from his home studio. Mr Oil tries to record a bootleg of the show. No show on Friday. Joe de Max is going to turn in to Mr Oil! The rumours about Christopher Woods. Doctor Who night needs to change. The mississippi mud pie was one step too far… Bournemouth and the old people. Leigh wants the Cambridge nuclear bunker [website]. Germany broke the rules – and so broke the EU. Country Credit Ratings. Ben Splinter calls in to join the debate of rating agencies. The Sun on Sunday is coming – so BskyB ownership bid is going to start again. Woman’s 38KKK breast implants make for ‘Strange Addiction’ [website]. Drinking Horse Semen in New Zealand. Tashabella calls in to help with our issues about trying to work out how bras work.

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DB288 – Breasts… (with gravy)

It be Thursday…

Earlier than normal recording of Dirty Boxers, and Leigh feels weird from it. On today’s show we talk about: an important scientific survey, Driver caught fondling passenger’s breasts by traffic speed camera, 65yr-old TV set still works perfectly with all the latest digital gear, Geoffrey Stevens added Morris Minor to Jaguar to fit pet dogs in ‘Foxbat’ – PLUS some feedback, AND your top 5 geeky news for today!

DB237 – Catch up!

It be Thursday…

My, it has been a while – sorry about the pause of shows! Feedback, (Follow @CrippleMum on twitter), Send MP3s in about what you are doing, Researching history for new show, RAF Upwood, Mrs Brown and I (recap for TXTbone), Out and About at RAF Upwood, BREASTS, teenager on the run, Speaking Dogs, PLUS your geeky news!

RAF Upwood Photos