DB374 – John C Dvorak stealing ‘Boys’, BT Infinity Watch, How to build a house in 24hrs, UK Snow, and PARTY!

It be Monday…

Party planning in the chatroom. How to build a house in 24hrs [Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4]. Saturday ‘Boxset’ Night with Neagle and Sputnik: currently watching Doctor Who. John C Dvorak stealing ‘Boyzzz’ from Dirty Boxers on No Agenda Show?! Behind the scenes to ‘No Agenda Producers Update’ [NAPU]. Update on BT Infinity Watch and issues with uploading shows. Broadband Caps are horrid! You Tube is a lazy man’s Google. Unhappy with her brown eyes, Beatriz Murillo is now legally blind after she got silicone iris implants to compliment her skin [Image].

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DB270 – Perving over the Boys!

It be Monday… Welcome to ‘Season 2’ of Dirty Boxers – did you miss us?

After the week at CamJam Scout Jamboree, Leigh is back with a ‘proper’ show (slightly high on caffeine). On today’s spanky show: Scarborough B&B Perving, Funny story about West Suffolk Hospital, Feedback from JT from ‘Geek Squared Podcast‘, Starhyke now on DVD, No staff at a Pub, Naturists angry at tower block plan, PLUS of course your geeky news!

DB239 – Boys banned from touching Boys

It be Tuesday…

Met up with my old school friends, got interviewed by students, maybe changing Dirty Boxers schedule, sorting out day-to-day stuff, Emma & Pete Show discussion, More money found, Boys banned from touching Boys, Overloaded lorry falls through bridge, Woman takes Parrots on Holiday, Website ranks MPs by sex appeal, PLUS geeky news!

DB229 – Police, Boys and The Dirt-ettes

It be Monday…

On this spankingly good show, we talk about Boys and their toys, Two headed babies from China [of course], a 91yr old Batman looking for a new Robin, Student tasered for having saggy Trousers, making new jingles with The Dirt-ettes, Police finding – then loosing Cannabis, Dominic Neagle and his Convention ‘ideas’, and new Promos for the show. PLUS listen to Laz and his Google Rant here!

DB213 – Sun Stroke!

It be Friday…

Today, Leigh is joined by Chris to talk about silly things of a silly nature. Both Leigh and Chris have been lunching in Clare Country Park… so TOO much sun!