DB377 – Major question about BEARDS, High Vis Vests, and Wild Smurf injuries [+ Extra Dirty]

It be Thursday…

Not ready, HOLD ON! But Leigh has an important question involving beards! Mr Oil calls in [AGAIN], to answer Leigh’s question – and FAILS. Wild Smurf James calls in to try to do better. We have a HUGE catch up with him. James decided to hurt himself AGAIN with a soldering iron [image]. Planning a Par-TAY. BT Infinity Watch update [video]. James is looking for Sound Engineers, Security staff, and other freelance staff who have a fetish of wearing High Vis Vests for the London Olympics [website]. Love life of James update. First EPIC dramatic reading of “Ginger and the Fairy”. Curry night with Neagle or Pint with Northern Gary? A “very fun” penis joke.

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Gin O’Clock by The Queen… [Well @Queen_UK of Twitter fame of least]

If you are not following @Queen_UK on twitter – how can you look at yourself in the mirror? The insanely awesome behind-the-crown look of what is happening around Buck Palace and Sandingham is epic. Who knew they held Strictly Come Dancing fancy dress parties where Princess Anne came as Bruce Forsyth and Camilla as Tess Daly? Welcome to the WONDERFUL world of “Gin O’Clock“!

Mr Cameron on the phone. Says cost of the olympics could exceed budget. Although Mr Clegg has donated use of his trampoline, so that helps.

‘One does enjoy the Eurovision Song Contest. Lovely to be reminded how much more civilised the British are than our European neighbours. Royal Eurovision Fancy Dress Party to celebrate. Unfortunately Camilla misread the invitation as ‘Euro-tunnel Fancy Dress Party’ and came as a train.’

If anyone sees the Duchess of Cornwall, do give one a call. She may be wearing a Father Christmas outfit and smoking an enormous cigar.

Now, some clever sausage has contacted The Queen, and have been able to obtain her diary for the past year, which is now avaliable in a cleverly contained item called a book. With this unpresented access, we can find out what The Queen truly feels about the time-share [like a villa in the Algarve] Prime Minister David Cameron, Nick Clegg, and all the other numpties that “grace” her path.

Angela Merkel on the phone. Bit upset. Apparently the Euro is now worth less than those little chocolate coins one puts on Christmas trees.

This is one that is definitely on MY Christmas wish list this year… Is it yours? For more information, and a pixelated place to purchase this epic delight, click here >

DB149 – I’m not dead, and other stories…

It be Friday…

Stuff covered in this show:

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  • No Meds for a week…
  • RSS feed issues
  • Christmas is scary
  • Why isn’t the pound (£) MORE powerful?
  • RSS Feed going to be updated over the weekend
  • New contact details: Voicemail Hotline: 01223 96 95 45 or Skype id: dirty.boxers
  • People hate the music… 🙁
  • Celebrity Trash
  • Months of research…  My findings
  • Yesterday’s show of madness
  • Harry Hill’s Book signing at Bluewater’s WHSmith
  • Weird News
  • One Word Weather
  • Geeky News

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Dirty Boxers 065 – Goodbye Cambridge, forever and a day [repost]

Friday’s show, posted on a Sunday?! How strange!

Stuff covered in this show:

  • Leaving Cambridge, and moving back to the Parents in Haverhill town
  • Sniffer playing with a dictionary
  • End of an Era?!
  • Saviour of Hosting for the Saviour of Podcasting: Astrahosting.co.uk
  • Failed again in life
  • I’m like a crap old Phoenix coming back and failing, again and again – bit bored of it to be honest…
  • Sniffer’s Haircut
  • What is the point?
  • Leigh is writing a book… And you can buy shares in it here: http://dirtyboxers.net/book
  • Say hello to Soon-to-be-Housemate (supposedly) Clare
  • Audience participation!
  • Update on Sniffer’s Podcast

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The Missing Manual to the World… Will you support it?

I’ve always wanted to write a book… I suppose most people have, and yet we never seem to get around to it. Well today I am launching a new project to write a Dirty Boxers book.

Called “The Missing Manual to the World”; it will be a Tongue-in-Cheek, thought-provoking, but pointless, yet ‘somehow’ entertaining look at the world discussing different subjects that surround us, in the same style and ‘taste’ (if we ever had any), that people seem to have grown to love from the podcast.

Some of the subjects covered in the book will include:

  • Money
  • Work
  • Religion
  • Health
  • Education / Young People

Now why am I telling you lovely people this? Well, as I’d promised in a previous show, members of the Dirty Boxers Family (that’s you) can own a part of the book in the form of shares. There are 2000 shares, and only 1000 of them on sale. To find out more information about the project, to find out how to buy some shiny shares, or to be nosy, please see ‘The Book‘ page for all the gossip and links.