DB349 – How to fix the Paedophile Problem, PIMPS, MORE Underage Listners, Myndrunner and Deb, NO COFFEE

It be Wednesday…

Bit of a late start – traffic was horrid! The new pocket watch for the modern age. Leigh’s throat hurts – perhaps vocal warm ups are in order? [Vocal tip of the week with Brett Manning]. Myndrunner and Deb joins the show from Myndjack Radio. Myndrunner turns out to be Deb’s pimp! Under-age listeners: Fraser and Noah should not be listening. The TRUTH about All Digital Radio Network. The best [and only] British Export! Burning things in Science class. Mr Oil reports in from St. Petersburg. Top tips for loosing weight. Tip for life: Become a human Swiss Army Knife. Regulations about Child Bearing hips. WWW.EggsListS.com goes to Dirty Boxers! [NOT EGGslist.com] Geeky Things Update… The domain name is READY!

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DB234 – BUMS!

It be Tuesday…

Mummy to be returning soon, building a house in the UK, Slow news day: Owl and a Pussycat, Naming a baby, Tattoo on the Bum, Wishing for a Mac, Bill Clinton and his thoughts on the web, Plane restaurant [Image 1 | Image 2], Teenagers and their thinking, ‘Safe House’: [Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4] plus your geeky news!