Chinwag with AzzyChill | Dirty Boxers Show | Episode 807

It be Wednesday…

Associate Producers: Matthew Blakeburn & Marty from the WI

Leigh is joined by Aaron friend of the show, and better known as AzzyChill on YouTube (as well as other social media places). Obviously, as we have a new friend on the show, Leigh decides to spend MUCH time working out why he doesn’t sound like the place he is from.

First off, a pause for some important housekeeping news: Much Love to Tashabella at a difficult time, and said news that Erik Lanigan has died (last year, but the news is just breaking of it).

Meanwhile, Leigh believes that Aaron has a Twitter “problem” – and we prove this with science and research. We also finally find out why Aaron started his YouTube channel – plus we pose the question of why do some Young British (boy) YouTubers “make it” – while others don’t?! Which then begs the question, would Aaron “sellout” if Acme Inc shoved him some dosh?

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On Extra Dirty:

  • Aaron is still with us.
  • Leigh tries to peer-pressure Aaron, and fails.
  • Geeks vs Idiots.
  • The dreams of Dudley.
  • Tory joins us with a delightful story.

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eBay lies, Campervan Conversion Search Continues & Killer Sky News Reporter | Dirty Boxers Show | Episode 779

It be Monday…

Tory has been gigging over the weekend, where yummy pulled-pork food was had. Got Tashabella jealous. Ben did very little, accept play “Payday” – remember: shoot the camera BEFORE the security guard.

Meanwhile, Leigh has been doing his weekly search for a van to convert in to a camper-van to go traveling in – Dudley the Camper Van. Problem is that eBay is horrid to use, and alternatives like Gumtree and Craigslist in the UK are not much better. PLUS, it didn’t help that AzzyChill had interviewed with Razer at EGX 2014 with their Razer Bus in the background – Leigh’s jealous face was an issue. Ideally, there should be a way to subscribe to a search within eBay and then get weekly updates of that search emailed until you ask it to stop.

There is a super secret project coming. A standard version of it will be released for all on Monday 3rd November. But you can pre-order a deluxe version of secret project here. Be warned: the deluxe version WILL NOT be available EVER after 2nd November. Once this opportunity is gone – it’s gone!

On Extra Dirty:

  • Today we are more journalistic than the news!
  • Sky News reporter, Martin Brunt, harasses “McCann Internet Troll”
  • Names and shames only one “troll” in a special news report – Brenda Leyland, 63 – even though admits she is “not the worst one”
  • After report broadcast, Brenda had to flee her home and go in to hiding
  • Brenda found dead at a Marriott hotel in Leicester
  • Sky News does not report her death, or acknowledge they caused

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