DB453 – Positively Negative

It be Monday…

We resolve to be positive to start off, but slowly go down hill. Ben @splinter701 tells a tale off aussie redneck-ness. Leigh tells us about his weekend with the olympic torch passing through haverhill town. A list of companies that the dirty boxers family no longer supports is outlined by leigh. The event was reportedly the biggest in haverhill’s history. Leigh proceeds to elaborate on what was going on with the olympic procession. A cyclist was tackled off his bike just because he [video here]. Hello_kelli @kelloli has provided some PERFECT marketing for the show [image].

Leigh has acquired a car, and is now acting as a chauffeur and it is causing him to be annoyed. Lonesqrl @lonesqrl calls in to rant about his current situation and discuss the state of mankind in todays times. Tashabella has asked a question and the expert panel answers with wisdom and wit.
Leigh has some feedback, a cool little website http://www.deadoraliveinfo.com/ .

DB381 – Adam Curry wears a Wig, Dog Licences, Flat caps, and Cake is REAL! [+Extra Dirty]

It be Thursday…

Leigh is slightly ‘under the weather’. Let’s explain a few things about yesterday. Was a bit of a panic to get back to the studio in time for the show today. Bit of information about yesterday, and why Leigh wasn’t about. Leigh has come up with an AMAZING idea about dog licences. Ben Splinter calls in from Aussie-land. Salt-ban on Fish & Chips. Ben has decided to try out Sir Darryl’s show… Went ‘bad’ with malware – same as All Digital Radio site. Could is because Drupal has been ‘compromised’. TWiT not allowed to promote coupon codes on the site? Behind the scenes of NAPU this week. We ring up MCS Matt about cloud computing. No Agenda doesn’t like me…

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