DB615 – Stabbed During Threesome After Refusing To Change Positions, Hacker Public Radio, and Tashabella’s Wedding Update

It be Tuesday…

Leigh is being sad because he is all alone but Ben is home early from his church group, so we start out with many offensive things.

Tashabella calls in to tell us about the Vietnamese / British wedding.

Brian and Tory call in to add to the offensiveness. AndroidUSA is the next subject that comes up, they create lovely watches. The owners of the mobile operating system called android actually do not have the marketing rights to the word android.

Hacker public radio, a network we could get re-broadcasted on! Send your suggestions to leigh@dirtyboxers.net if you know how we could make the show relevant to hackers.

A man called Orlando stabbed during sex because he refused to change positions. Our expert panel sheds light on this sordid story.