DB646 – Postman ‘caught urinating on couple’s doorstep’, Drunk Russian Kids Decapitate Homeless Man, and Squirrel Causes Power Outage [AGAIN!]

It be Monday…

Leigh has been hurt over the past week. Many things have happening, Leigh tells us about these events. His finger is puffy, he complains about this.

A scouting postcard was ignored by the UK public, Leigh objects to this. Tri-fold leaflets are discussed at length.

Leigh needs a new best friend as his (streakfury) is heading to Egypt and we are not sure if he will return.

We find out that kickstarter is a lie and full of thieves and scammers.

A lone squirrel has caused a power outage in Oregon by causing havoc in a substation. A postman has been caught urinating on a doorstep in Exeter. A man has broken into his ex-girlfriends home, stole a TV and a released her hamster. A homeless man has been decapitated in Russia by a gang, they say they didn’t like the look of him.

DB579 – Gay Cure on Buses, while Pandas Listen To Marvin Gaye in Edinburgh

It be Friday…

You know when you’re not allowed to laugh, but you can’t help yourself – Leigh was in that situation at Scouts with small fires. Meanwhile we are joined by David and professional homosexuals. Dr Phil has tiny eyes.

In the second hour: ‘Gay Cure’ Bus Posters Campaigner Dr Mike Davidson Takes TFL To High Court. Edinburgh Zoo Pandas Listen To Marvin Gaye’s Mood Music Before Hanky Panky. Mother Kills 9-Year-Old Son For Having Small Penis In Indonesia.