DB628 – Pop-Tart into gun shape gets NRA membership, Ikea’s gnome-bashing advert and Amy’s Baking Company May Get Reality Show?

It be Friday…

As it is Ben’s day off, Leigh is joined by Callum and Danny-Boy – but soon, not everything is quite what it seems. The Scouting Magazine is here again, and so it’s time to play “How many advertising rubbish leaflets fall out today?”.

Meanwhile, Leigh explains how everything is getting a little bit too much recently. Thankfully Uncle Pete explains about asana.com – a project management system, that Leigh can use to get organised again.

An 8-year-old Maryland boy suspended for biting his Pop-Tart into a gun shape received a National Rifle Association lifetime membership at a GOP fundraiser. Swedish furniture giant Ikea has come under fire after airing an advert in the UK showing a young family demolishing garden gnomes in what viewers found to be a “frightening and unsuitable” manner.

Amy’s Baking Company May Get Reality Show Deal After ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ Appearance. Maine teen dies in botched fake kidnapping plot.

DB626 – Penis snatching on the rise, Amy’s Baking Company [AGAIN!] and Mrs Splinter spills the beans on Ben…

It be Tuesday…

Mrs Splinter calls in, they slag off Ben while he is not here. Callum calls in with an above average internet connection, but with a squeeky door in the background.

Penis snatching is on the rise in Africa, but MrOil calls in to interrupt this beautiful story. However, we get back to it after the top of the hour. The theft of penises is a serious issue that was previously believed to be a myth.

We talk about Amy’s restaurant that Gordon Ramsay walked out on. This leads to a discussion on TV in general.