And THIS is why… (the missing show) | Dirty Boxers Show | Episode 781

It be Monday…

Ben, Tory and Leigh are by themselves as the live stream is down. Autumn has officially hit in the UK, and it is dank. Over the weekend, Leigh had a snooze on the sofa… Issues occurred. Political mischief is going on in the UK. Leigh decided to start a little experiment:

Meanwhile, Ben reports that there are MAJOR issues going on at TWiT with Brian Brushwood & Justin Robert Young being banned from the network – courtesy of

There is a super secret project coming. A standard version of it will be released for all on Monday 3rd November. But you can pre-order a deluxe version of secret project here. Be warned: the deluxe version WILL NOT be available EVER after 2nd November. Once this opportunity is gone – it’s gone!

On Extra Dirty:

  • People in the UK are going on strike – NHS & Midwives were promised a pay increase, but it turned out to be a lie.
  • Ben reads dramatic quotes of Leo Laporte
  • Alabama School Makes 5-Year-Old Sign Suicide/Homicide Safety Contract
  • Ben’s Football Update

Get Extra Dirty here:

DB351 – Sperm, Semen, Love-Spuds, and David Parry’s GIANT Curly Wurly [@ourgiantsnacks]

It be Friday…

As making extra large foods are considered ‘news’ on ITV Anglia News [insert joke about how big his curly wurly is here | video | Twitter], Leigh decides to try and bring you, the dear listener, some ‘proper’ news… and perhaps fails?! Paypal launching new Groupon / Livingsocial / Amazonlocal / Google Offers competitor?! DC Resident Fined Thousands of dollars For Not Recycling Cat Litter?! Trent can’t give his sperm away. Ex-Alabama politician caught in New Zealand sperm-donor scandal. Mr Oil calls in from St. Petersburg. Confusion over international phone numbers. Top 5 geeky news.

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