DB636 – Toy Unicorn Passports, Eyeball Licking Causing Pinkeye and America’s 50 worst charities

It be Thursday…

We start the day with many sound issues, wonky-ness ensues. Also, Leigh’s telephony box has been delayed in production, he is frustrated.

We talk about friend of the show David Pakman, smearing himself around the internet but still not mainstream media.

After the top of the hour, Tory calls in. We talk about a childs fake passport for her toy unicorn.

We have Florida news! The Kid’s Wish foundation raises millions of dollars every year, but they only spend 3 cents for every dollar they receive on kids.

DB327 – My thoughts about NaNoWriMo, Movember, Script Frenzy & Movie Nights…

It be Friday…

Leigh has forgotten about important things again, and feels like a fool! Movember and NaNoWriMo [Video]. ‘How the world works’ – writing a book. A weird thought about marketing or ‘gaming the system’ on Google by youtube. Script Frenzy in April! Sign up to be a Ninja of Dirty Boxers. Colin the Voice of the Future returns?! MrOil live from a Russian Airport. NAGradio updating soon. Interesting story about Dominic Neagle and our movie night… Going to see: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. Chat about films in general; good films: Boys on the Side & A Home at the End of the World.

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