ED601 – Beeb Judge Judy and other stories

It be Monday POSTSHOW… Leigh, Ben and Brian chat about everything and nothing really important – usual stuff really. Leigh explains how silly the studio situation REALLY is, and what is coming [hopefully] soon in the post. This leads [rather rudely] to slagging off Final Cut X and Avid. Also, concerning news about NEXT Thursday […]

DB582 – New Facebook game, Bacon Apple Pie, trying to get @ThreeUK to sponsor the show, and “Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking”

It be Tuesday… Leigh invents a new game concerning Brian on Facebook. Brian is confused about the Dirty Boxers TV Licence. The Loveless Cafe of Tennessee has quite a few tasty dishes on its menu, but perhaps the most impressive to those who love the salty, crunchiness of bacon is the bacon apple pie [image]. […]

DB468 – Tetris is as Russian as Granny Porn

It be Friday… Leigh is flying blind today! The instruments have broken and only the webmistresses can save us! Leigh has been at a hospital bed for a long time, and is completely unprepared. Therefore, Ben @splinter701 calls in to say hi and talk tosh. jm1117 @johnm1117 calls in to tell us about his ongoing […]

Dirty Boxers 078 – Bloody PC World!

Ooh, look… a Thursday show! Stuff covered in this show: Buzzing on inspiration Enjoying playing with Photoshop Difficult to do today’s show… Being more sociable Update about Mic and lack of Rode products in the UK New email address! Story about PC World Cambridge Want to get on the radio… Check out: www.dirtyboxers.net/radio Leigh is […]