Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Review | Dirty Boxers Show | Episode 701

It be Monday…

Today is show 701 which of course is splinter701’s (Ben’s) show number. Mr Oil has news for us which he delivers over the sounds of Torys jingles and Ben’s interuptions.
Leigh the tells a tale of the barber and the battle of the bulge.

The Dr Who anniversary show was on last week. Leigh tells us of the epic watching of the episode.

Ben announces an announcement, and Big Voice Jay comments.

We reveal the shocking revelation that Amazon makes its employees work hard. Our panel comments (and subscribes, but leaves no hate).

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Audio Version

DB630 – Matt Smith to leave cast of ‘Doctor Who’, Cambridge student too ugly for job, and Gay Cure App

It be Monday…

We start the day with tech talk: phones, tvs, computers and operating systems. Incredembly, Matt Smith is leaving the Dr Who show after the 50th anniversary. Many opinions are had on this subject, with Leigh, John and Ben discussing the various intricacies of the show.

A man has been refused a job as a river punter because he was too ugly. Ben & Jerry’s Will Stop Using Genetically-Modified Ingredients, Company Says. ‘Gay Cure’ App Claims To Help Users Find ‘Freedom From The Bondage Of Homosexuality’. Bristol man told police he was trying to light a fart, not film up woman’s skirt.