DB333 – Apple, iPod Nano, Chocolate Brownies and Other Stories…

It be Monday… Health and Safety moment… Backwood Cooking with Scouts tonight. Movember, sponsor and support Tony the Batty-boy Tony! EPIC story from Leigh’s weekend. Leigh was manly over the weekend too. Apple and iPod Nano issues. Tom Merritt, Leo Laporte and TWiT’s Triangulation. Dad and ‘Windows Care’. Nun’s in trouble. Burglar breaks in for […]

DB311 – We’re BACK Baby!

It be Thursday… LOADS of worried emails and tweets about the past few days… And after a manic few days of no shows, Leigh explains why. He also catches up with what happened at Scouts on Monday – and introduces ‘Adam the Acorn‘. And before he knows it, tries to work out what exactly goes […]

DB300 – Dave Moyer and Dirty Socks?!

It be Monday… Welcome to the ‘BIG’ 300 show – with no balloons, party blowers or cake! Just Leigh having a chat about stuff. Leigh flaps his face about Scouts, his¬†horoscope, NAPU interview, Pubs / Clubs / Plubs, being interviewed by Antubert via the iPhone, and a REAL Tron Motorbike [image | video]! LOADS of […]

DB273 – WTF?

It be Thursday… On this rather odd show, we try and chat to Prawn Tom via Skype (yet all hell breaks loose!), Livestream keeps crashing, Audio issues PLUS peeps in the chatroom keep changing their nicknames to cause even MORE confusion! Kung fu commuters let off steam, Shop worker bitten by scorpion, PLUS your geeky […]

DB269 – Scout Camps, Audioboo & Naked Faces

It be Friday… Welcome to the last episode of ‘Season 1’. Leigh is taking a week off to go to Scout Camp, but he will be still updating you with ‘mini’ shows via Audioboo’s from camp (about 3 a day, which have been nicknamed ‘Dirty Boxers Lites‘). He’ll be using his iPhone 3G and an […]

DB263 – The Wildlife is coming to get us!

It be Tuesday… On today’s slight moist show we talk about End of the Summer Term of Scouting, getting ready for CamJam 2011, IFF chemical spillage, Food, Chefs, Gorillas, Snail Racing, and of course some spanky Geek news!

DB262 – Penetration anyone?

It be Monday… The UK is Bipolar – so today: Stock taking and chavs, Last Scouts meeting, What is a Douche?, IFF chemical spillage, Skull Penetration, Swiss Sex Lay-bys, Zoo keeper sleeping with Lions, PLUS some lovely Geeky News.