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‘Derek’ is a new and rather exciting way to help support the production of the Dirty Boxers show. It’s free and simple to setup – plus you’ll never have to worry about making sure you are supporting Dirty Boxers while you shop.

Traditionally, to help support the show through your Amazon shopping, you would have had to visit web address. This would [and still does] send you to your local Amazon store via the clever lady, and at least 4% of your shopping total would be donated to us.

Now there is Derek… The Direct, Redirect plugin for your favourite browser [as long as your browser is Chrome or Firefox obviously].

Once installed, Derek will do all the hard work for you. So instead of having to go to one place only to be redirected to the actual store you want to shop at, just visit the shop direct – and Derek will ensure Dirty Boxers will get the credited for your purchases.

A big personal thanks goes to Laz who helped refine these plugins.

The small print

Just to ensure everyone knows exactly what the plugin does:

  • You do not pay anything extra
    All the donations to Dirty Boxers are given from the profits of the companies we support – You pay NOTHING extra… It is truly the modern day Robin Hood click!
  • It is totally anonymous
    In no way does the plugin ‘ring home’ to tell us your goings on. It works 100% locally on your computer and does not need any additional help, set up, support or software. It is totally self-contained and only activates when it┬árecognises that you are visiting a site it supports. In fact, you won’t even know that it is working behind the scenes…

Stores currently supported by Derek,,,,

[Hoping to be] Coming soon in the next version

Internationally, etc, etc

USA Specific
Target, Walmart,

UK Specific
Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose, Co-Op, PC World/Currys,,

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