DB642 – Science says Women at their ‘most attractive’ at 30, Plain white T-shirt makes men more attractive, and Jelly wrestling replaced with giant bucking penis

It be Wednesday… Leighs birthday is tomorrow, be sure to send him love and kisses and presents. He also demands that anyone who turns up tomorrow must bring beer. The former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been replaced by Kevin Rudd, voted in by a majority in the Labour Party. link here The chancellor […]

DB635 – Broken Genius is HERE and the 8-Month Erection

It be Wednesday… Leigh is in pain, but its his birthday soon! All of his friends are being very encouraging and helpful. Our friend @jm1117 has funded and bought the pebble watch, congratulations to him. Also, congratulations to us cause we have NEW T-SHIRTS! Go to http://dirtyboxers.net/shop to get the new “Broken Genius” shirt. Friend […]