The Frustration of when Things go Wrong… | Pixel Pusher

Well today was crap. It’s just one of those annoying, horrid, foul things I suppose that just happens. And when I come to think about it, we don’t really have that many ‘issues’ or bad days with the Dirty Boxers Universe – especially with the amount of days that strangely dance in to months. But […]

Studio Software Late 2013 | Pixel Pusher

A studio tour is not complete without the overview of the software involved in creating the Dirty Boxers Show… And here it is! [membership level=”1″”2″”3″”4″”5″”6″”7″”8″][/membership]

Quick Studio Tour | Pixel Pusher

After much bullying and requesting, here is a quick over view of the Attic Studio in a rather messy state – with old coffee cups and dust everywhere! (Leigh needs a womans touch perhaps?!) [membership level=”1″”2″”3″”4″”5″”6″”7″”8″][/membership]

Test Footage | Pixel Pusher

In the middle of November 2013, Ali and Leigh decided it was a good idea to test out the new Canon cameras Leigh had purchased for the DB Show (and other projects). However, for some STRANGE reason they decided to do this at 3am and the trip was to McDonalds. But the following footage was […]

Should the Dirty Boxers Family have a Saucy and Sexy Uniform?

So I’ve been thinking during my week off about creating something that might freak some people out, but there is as always, theory to my madness. Everywhere you look there are uniforms for the different things. Some boring and dull ones for work. Others are produced to show your support for sports teams. Then there’s […]

Welcome to Dirty Boxers: Pixel Pusher

So it’s been a long time coming, but here it is, Dirty Boxers: Pixel Pusher! Unlike the other productions within the madness of Dirty Boxers, it isn’t a show or series as such, Pixel Pusher is a slightly different form. Dirty Boxers: Pixel Pusher is a no-holds-barred behind the scenes look at how the shows […]