The ULTIMATE rules for cloning | Extra Dirty | Episode 729

It be Monday POSTSHOW… Leigh and Tory are still amazed by our LATEST money-making scheme, and Leigh starts to practice his Childrens’ Story reading. Unfortunately, most of the time is spent critiquing the story than actually practicing. Then a concern for all this additional work for Leigh, discussion turns to how to manage this. Conversation leads […]

The GREAT Garage Sale of MCS | Extra Dirty | Episode 727

It be Wednesday POSTSHOW… Discussions continue concerning Rory Coles distracting John. MCS is having a big old clear-out, and Tory is concerned that the post show should have finished 5 mins ago… Usual Wednesday Extra Dirty really. Video Version [membership level=”1″”2″”3″”4″”5″”6″”7″”8″][/membership]

Does Chunky Tom Daley have Talent? | Extra Dirty | Episode 700

It be Friday POSTSHOW… Leigh is joined with Ben, Tory, Chunky Tom Daley, Marty from WI, Big Voice Jay and Cynmac! We have a very lovely, award winning catch up with everyone – and then play does Chunky Tom Daley have talent?! Video Version [membership level=”1″”2″”3″”4″”5″”6″”7″”8″][/membership] Audio Version