Become a Blueshirt!

Dear Friends,

The Dirty Boxers Shows’ future is uncertain.

For over 2yrs now, the Dirty Boxers show has been an amazing privilege to be part of. From starting as a means for me to keep going in dark times – it has grown to be a truly epic adventure – with many of the family of Dirty Boxers becoming true friends. There are times that I’ve wondered what would have happened if this show hadn’t existed, especially in those early days.

With the EPIC support from Astra Hosting [who have been sponsoring all the DB site hosting since episode 50], the AWESOME support from the team for supplying the live stream servers for free, and using free podcast hosting from Mevio – has meant that the shows’ overheads have remained low. Through the awesome support of the DB family using the Scamazon link, purchasing the odd mug or T-shirt, and through paypal donations, I’ve been supremely fortunate to make the show my job – my life, and I’m humbled to my core being able to say that.

However, since late June / early July this year, donations that are invaluable to be able to cover the day-to-day running bills like electricity, broadband, rent [etc] has fallen. At the same time, the usage of the Scamazon link has also decreased. It’s probably due to the summer holidays, however it has meant the Dirty Boxers show is now unable to sustain itself. Even projects that are planned to help sustain the Dirty Boxers show future [, Britain Rediscovered, Leigh’s desks] have had to slow down due to the lack of available funds to continue their development. Put simply, it is a cash-flow problem.

So it is a truly sad day for me to acknowledge that we may have to end Dirty Boxers… But we aren’t going down without a fight!

To continue the madness of the Dirty Boxers show, we need to secure 50 AWESOME people to become a Dirty Boxers Partner.

A Dirty Boxers Partner is someone who:

  • Does something every month
  • Stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the Dirty Boxers show
  • Sends us to new heights

All support is important to us, no matter the monthly value you can afford. It’s the fact you have faith in the show, that you wish to ensure it’s future, that’s so precious to us.

As a HUGE thank you to individuals who donate $35 or more as a Dirty Boxers Partner, we will send you:

  • An EXTREMELY limited edition ‘Blue Shirt’ of your choice
    Choose from either an ‘Awesome Rebel’ or ‘Epic Misfit’ Blue Shirt [Blue Shirts will NEVER be avaliable in the Dirty Boxers Store]
  • A personal handwritten letter direct from Leigh
    In his best and neatest joined-up writting
  • A luxurious picture of a Mallard Duck
    Emailed to you when your T-Shirt and letter has been sent from the UK

As the future of Dirty Boxers is SO unsure at this moment, we would like to make a promise to all Dirty Boxers Partners:

If we do unfortunately end at episode 500, we will automatically cancel all monthly donations to this appeal. You have our word on that.

Please use this form below to sign up as a Dirty Boxers Partner today:

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