DB411 – Metrosexual is the new gay

It be Tuesday…

Big thank you to Ben [@splinter701] for writing there lovely notes

Leigh is very tired, but still excited about yazm.in. The troubles of making a promotional video when police are involved. MCS calls in to discuss the new and great yazm.in. MrOil calls in and then walks his dog. The yazm.in video is now published after a lot of work. Should gingers be given a suntan lotion allowance? A brilliant idea is concieved, pizza place + medical marijuana = profits. Stories of scamming the system are analysed. Another brilliant idea, gays should adopt instead of using high-tech to concieve. MCS is accused of being a batty boy but instead discovered and classified as metrosexual.

DB410 – Hungry ghostly apparitions

It be Monday…

Big thank you to Ben [@splinter701] for writing there lovely notes

Synchronised coffee slurps around the world! Leigh rants about countdown clock. Networks are a hell of a lot of work, why do people do it?
splinter701 calls in and sings the song out of time but perfectly in tune. The difference between port, starboard and other terms is discussed. Australian traditions and entertainment are compared to the rest of the worlds. The great drought of 1976 killed everyone.
The case of the ghostly roll ups in an Adelaide IGA. The sad state of alcohol consumption in the UK.