Our Proposal

To help both parties out, here is what we are proposing…

For you and your radio station:

  • An hour long show for your schedule
  • The ability to personalise the show to meet your own needs; radio imaging, adverts, cross-show promotion etc.
  • A fresh, up-to-the-moment show that reflects the day’s events and news stories
  • A selection of promos that you are able to personalise to promote our show on your schedule
  • We will never include any advertising within the show we supply to you. As / when / if we start attracting advertising for our show, it will only appear on the podcast itself, and not in the ‘radio-version’.

What we ask:

  • Please do not edit our show – all our shows will be broadcast-ready (both in length and in language)
  • Please can keep us up-to-date with when you are broadcasting our show. We would like to promote your station, with time on our site – for cross-promotion, as well as some Google love.
  • As / when you find a volunteer to run a show in your schedule, or you have a special event that needs ‘our slot’ please tell us a week beforehand if possible, so we can say our ‘goodbyes’ to your listeners, as well as update our site accordingly.
  • We are allowed to promote our site, and any thing ‘Dirty Boxers’ related in connection with the show
  • We suggest you schedule our show later on in your schedule; around 21:00hrs or just before ‘close-down’, due to the type of ‘sense of humour’ within the show