Friends of Dirty Boxers

Dirty Boxers as a website, as a show or as a semi-religious awakening, could not of happened without these truly amazing people below donating their time, effort and beautiful expertise… Some times even without their knowledge.

Some we know personally. Some we just admire what they do. Either way, these are people, shows and networks you should be paying attention to.

You can never say ‘Thank You’ enough, and so please except this HUGE ‘Thank you’ for your help in making the Dirty Boxers project what it is today!


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When Is It On Site

When Is It On? • Stupidly Useful Podcast Resource

A much needed calendar that shows you (in your own local timezone) when live shows are being produced – with links to take you there to listen / watch.

Follow the site via twitter, it even tweets out when shows are about to start!

Maintained by Nick from CraigDigitalDesigns – this WAY overdue handy service is a must have bookmark for those who enjoy Internet broadcasts.

Shows & Networks

Shows and Networks we admire and enjoy… You might enjoy too!
[Listed in no particular order]

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Other Sites
Radio Dan’s Site

Dan Delgado • The Radio Dan Show

The Radio Dan Show is a daily live radio show that deals with movies, television, and pop culture – presented by cranky Floridio and friend of the Dirty Boxers Show Dan Delgado. Each week you will hear movies reviews, DVD picks, previews of upcoming releases, box office analysis, and general crankyness.

Other Sites
Ryno’s Site

Ryno The Bearded

An eclectic mix of Creative Commons music and interesting conversation, Ryno The Bearded has it all. He runs a 24/7 Creative Commons Music Stream as well as a selection of live shows and replays.

There is the #OO Show, the #Unformatted show as well as interesting Audio Book readings to keep you entertained and bemused throughout the day.

Even Leigh was on an episode of the #Unformatted Show, and can be found here:

Other Sites
C2K’s Site

Computers 2k Now

The perfect geek out / chill out on a Sunday morning / afternoon. Computers 2K Now is a call-in show with guest interviews, and has been airing since 1993. Tune in every Sunday from 9am EST till whenever.

It’s expertly hosted by Amnon Nissan of Deltaforce, attorney Mike Phillips, Nick Craig of, Steve Guessed and Spencer Shoemaker – with occasional special guest Bruce Turner. The gang takes calls on all computer, networking, technology and Internet related topics. If you’re in the USA, Spence tells you all the important discounts and deals, every week.

Other Sites
Ignite Radio

Wednesday Night Live by Ignite Radio on Mixcloud

Wednesday Night Live

The title of the show really tells you all you need to know. Live every Wednesday from 7pm UK | 2pm EST on Ignite Radio.

Jonny, Rach & Aaron sit down most Wednesdays and chat whatever they want, punctuated by the odd bit of music here or there. Leigh is sometimes on, helping out with an agony aunt segment called “Dear Deileigh”.

Other Sites
Success Freaks’ Site

Success Freaks

Since its inception in 2011, Success Freaks has lived up to its own hype as the “#1 late-night comedic motivational show.”

Presented by our good friends Charles “Charlie-Boy” McFall and R. Mordant “Mordor” Mahon – this three-time Podcast Awards finalist show entertains & edifies with its charismatic co-hosts, captivating sense of humor and positive, thought-provoking content.

As co-hosts of a comedic motivational talk radio show, R. Mordant Mahon & Charles McFall always succeed in giving your mind and spirit something to chew on while putting enough laughter in your heart to make you smile out loud. Success Freaks truly is what its title claims to be.

Other Sites
GFQ’s Site

Guys from Queens

The Guys From Queens, also known as GFQ Podcast Network, is the premier geeky network.

They are producers of “talk-radio” style Internet programing. Each of GFQ’s shows are produced live within the Queens NYC headquarters, and consists of numerous long-running web-based programming.

In April 2009 Andrew Zarian founded The Guys From Queens Network with the simple idea to bring Internet talk radio to the mainstream. Internet Radio being on the most current and viable form of communication on any subject propelled The GFQ Network to new heights of Internet popularity.

YouTube Peeps

YouTube Peeps that we mention on the show frequently, or just enjoy generally.
[Listed in no particular order]

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Other Sites
Adam’s Site

Adam the Woo

Adam comes from Florida, but travels the USA. Living in his van and going on adventures exploring the interesting and the abandoned. Leigh’s personal favourite adventures that Adam has been on are the Back to the Future filming locations, as well as the abandoned Jurassic Park ride at Disney World that Adam sneaked in to – which later got him banned from all Disney parks in Florida.

Other Sites
Aaron’s Blog

Aaron Philpot • AzzyChill

Digital friend of Leigh, Aaron produces “Brew Time” on his YouTube Channel. Aaron is a proud Geek, gamer, IT tech and graduate – so he creates YouTube videos based around tech and all things geeky he does, how-tos, reviews and he drinks a hell of a lot of tea…

This is mainly why Aaron and Leigh are not real life friends, even though they have much in common (they are even both Scout Leaders) – Aaron loves tea, hates coffee – Leigh loves coffee, hates tea. It would never work. Arguments would start about which is the better brew – and this is how wars start. Good YouTuber though 😀

Other Sites
Dan’s Site

Dan Brown • Narrowboat Dan

Recently, while exploring on YouTube, Leigh found a young chap called Dan Brown (no relation) talking about his life living on a narrowboat, kayaking, biking, walking, writing and more! Dan’s channel shows the viewers the sights, sounds and scenery of the Welsh border area.

Leigh became fascinated about Dan’s life afloat on the canal, along with all the random activities that he gets up to. But what really attracted Leigh to Dan’s channel was the happy, bouncy attitude and of course, the now legendary accent.

Other Sites
Shadow Paranormal Site

Luke Tabram • Shadow Paranormal

Shadow Paranormal is a paranormal research group founded in 2012 by Luke Tabram in Haverhill, Suffolk. They investigate suspected haunted places around the UK to try and capture evidence of spirits and learn more about the paranormal.

Leigh’s personal highlight has to be learning Italian 101 while trying to investigate a Roman burial mound, called “The Three Hills”.

Other Sites
The DIY World
The Off-Grid Project

Troy Reid • The DIY World | The Off-Grid Project

The Off Grid Project is a live experiment in getting off the grid on a $5000 budget. Troy has been living in a camper RV deep in the forest and has been off the grid for several years now. He is about 3/4 mile from the nearest road. Over the years, his Vlog has documented the making of his own solar power, rain water collection system, waste disposal, gardening, foraging and food storage.

Recently, Tory has been building his own “Tiny House on Wheels” with the help of several friends.

Other Sites
Bry’s Blog

Bry Fox • The Ramblings of Bry

Bry is a full-time adventurer, who recently took to the road, traveling around the UK in his motor-home with his dog Brody. This interesting spiritual fella used to be a punk-rocker, but now is a Buddhist – so some videos (that are not always safe for work) show this fascinating contrast. Plus, the amazing views of the UK countryside and the places that Bry gets to visit is worth the subscription alone.

Other Sites
Total Drama’s Blog

The Dirty Boxers Show hasn’t been a fan of the TWiT Network and Leo Laporte for several years now – ever since the strange happenings with Erik Lanigan. Then there was the whole Sarah Lane incident that we reported on. Plus, the sad “departing” of Tom Merritt.

But now, thankfully, Ben has found Total Drama. Which is a blog is rooted in the deep need to get the truth out about what is happening at the once-great TWiT enterprise. Much as Nero famously fiddled while Rome burned, TWiT founder Leo Laporte grows lazy and ignores his empire. Them secretive lot over at #drama are of the fond notion that by bringing the hypocrisy and the daily lies to light, that we may indeed not have to witness the inevitable. But in the meantime, we’ll shit on them as much as possible.

Real Life Friends

Friends that we actually know in real life – hence the title, Real Life Friends.
[Listed in no particular order]

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Buy “Splidge the Cragflinger” here

Other Sites
Richard’s Site
Vobes Show
The Bald Explorer

Richard Vobes •

Mr Vobes is basically fair too talented.

Richard has starred and produced in proper telly-box stuff, written books, created his own show and is such a nice guy, that Leigh is rather jealous! Leigh first stumbled across Richard when he was producing his legendary show “The Vobes Show” back in 2006. Richard was one of only a handful of Brits creating podcasts back then – so Richard was truly trail-blazing from his beach hut.

More recently Richard has published book one of Splidge, produced The Bald Explorer that is regularlly shown on the Community Channel here in the UK, and there are rumours that the big show is coming back!

Other Sites
Pete’s Site

Pete Cooper • Uncle Pete

Another veteran of podcasting here in the UK, Pete Cooper – or as Leigh likes to call him Uncle Pete – was one half of the Emma and Pete Show. A fellow geek and online guru, like Leigh, Pete enjoys tweaking and experimenting with online stuff. He then moved from Oxfordshire to the beautiful North Cornwall Coast, where Leigh visited and became very jealous of the amazing landscape.

More recently, Pete teamed up with Jen Dixon (known as Regular Jen on the inter-tubes) to create a new podcast “The Elephant of Surprise” – which ended in December 2013. Which is a shame, was a big fan of the ‘chilled out’ relaxed conversation between Jen & Pete. However, the full archive can be found here:

Other Sites
Jen’s Blog
Jen’s Art Site

Jen Dixon • Regular Jen

Leigh had the good fortune to meet Jen when visiting Uncle Pete.

Jen is an American expat living near Bude, Cornwall (UK), and is best friends with Uncle Pete. Jen is an artist and a former web and print professional.

She takes photos, writes, and drinks more absinthe than she probably should. Jen also has many tattoos and loves books. This power lady even makes her own wine!

Other Sites
Mike’s Blog
Computers 2K Now

Mike Phillips • Radio & Audio Guru

Basically, when Mike talks, you listen. He has an encyclopedic mind about audio technologies – with a special fetish on microphones and microphone techniques.

In a previous life, Mike was a radio broadcast engineer, as well as a disk jockey, sales manager, and general manager. His technical experiences include building and maintaining radio stations and transmitter sites. Mike even built a production console for a radio station in the early eighties – that is still in use on a daily basis today. Mike also has been an electrical design engineer for a manufacturing company developing analog and digital industrial transducers.

Audio has been a passion for many years. Mike and his brother owned a recording studio until he passed away in 2013.

He even says it himself “It’s a little strange, but I’m a microphone collector. While you and I may not agree which microphone is best for a particular application, we can sure talk about the topic.”

If there is any way Mike can help you with your Internet broadcasting audio, just let him know! (Best way to contact to him is via Twitter)

Other Sites
John’s Site
John on Twitch
Live Tech Keynotes
Digital Tree Media

John Coles • Live Streaming & Coding Guru

John is a very clever fella involving all things live-streaming & coding.

He has set up Digital Tree Media – an online streaming solution for business and local government, works at Live Tech Keynotes when Apple has something to say, and also has time to Twitch stream him playing games.

He is also a very clever coding chap, with many millions of lines of code produced under his belt. During his lines of code, he somehow found the time to start Kloodle – a Social Network for Student Employability & Early Stage Careers.

In his spare time (as if he actually has any) he makes YouTube videos, Tweets and use Facebook. He also make iPhone apps and websites (though less of the latter these days unless he is the client *wink*).

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