Why am I writing a book?

At the moment, as I sit here typing this collection of pixels, I am a failure. Everything I set my heart on has seemed to turn to ash. Everything except for a little daily podcast that got started because I had no-one else I could talk to.

Over the past few months, it has grown and through it, I have been able to grow with it. My challenge when I started it was the lack of self-confidence, a lack of being able to express myself. Today, words cannot explain how much better I feel from meeting this challenge head on, and though the wonderful Family of Dirty Boxers, has brought some clear meaning to my life.

Now, I want to grow more. I long for it, crave it. I have met my first challenge; instead of sitting on the side lines trying to convince myself with 101 reasons why I shouldn’t do the show because “I will fail” and it would “be a big pile of donkey-turd” – I got out there and produced it (even though it is a big pile of donkey-turd). But it is my donkey-turd… Our donkey-turd.

Today, I would like to start on my biggest challenge yet: To write a book.

However, there are two issues I need to overcome:

  1. I am dyslexic and so the challenge for me for this project is (like the podcast) having to find and build the confidence to create something like this. I already have the ideas and notes, but I just need to jump and do it!
  2. Unfortunately this type of book would be very difficult to try and get a ‘real’ publisher to commission – and so this is why I need your help.

With your help and support, I know I will be able to to meet this challenge head-on…

So what are you waiting for?
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