Is there a plot?

The book I have in mind will be in the same style and ‘feel’ that we have all come to expect from me and the Dirty Boxers show: a Tongue-in-Cheek, thought-provoking, but pointless, yet ‘somehow’ entertaining look at the world.

It is planned to be a manual to life and the world around us, covering many BIG subjects such as:

  • Money,
  • Work,
  • How to cheat at Poker,
  • Religion,
  • Health,
  • 101 pointless facts about Women,
  • Education / Young People,
  • Top 10 lists about nothing important
  • Relationships
  • And SO much more…

It will look at what is currently happening, what is wrong with those issues, and how I think the system should be changed – but seriously… it will be funny!

There will also be a hell of a lot of:

  • Silly diagrams
  • Pretty illustrations to help you read the book
  • Pointless facts
  • Made-up historical information
  • Naughty references to cheese
  • And surprisingly, SO much more…

So what are you waiting for?
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