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An [almost] Daily Dose of Tongue-in-Cheek, Geeky Chic and The Proud Home of Rebels & Misfits… [Basically Truthful and Honest Mayhem]

The Dirty Boxers Universe is all about having fun, and building a community of like-minded people who don’t take issues TOO seriously. Dirty Boxers discusses the world around us in an entertainingly foolish, tongue-in-cheek manner with Leigh’s twisted “common sense” views – through our Radio Show / podcast / YouTube Videos and anything else we fancy having a go at.

We cover gadgets, gizmos, techie news, geeky news, weird news, general stuff about scouting (Leigh is a scout leader… No seriously!), behind the pen of writing a book (that will probably never, the journey of adventure, and trying to deal with random slaps of depression… What a mix! Over the past few years we have built a reputation of never taking ourselves (or anyone else for that matter) too seriously, yet still being able to presented in a enthusiastic, charming yet pointless fashion.

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Leigh Brown • Saviour of All Media

The show started out of boredom plus the need to info-dump ideas and frustrations. Now Leigh has created a monster.

Since 2009, Leigh has been ranting and raving about the silly, the weird and the general foolish – without being afraid to discuss the important and serious issues. Over the years he has taken the show on Scout Camps (Leigh is a scout leader), on adventures across the UK and even survived a saucy encounter with a porn star. More recently he has even started a charity called “Pixelated Projects” to educate, support and demonstrate the awesomeness of technology.

More recently, Leigh has been plotting to go on adventures, traveling around in a camper van, and taking the DB Show along for the ride. But every time he gets close to committing, something else pops up. Will he ever go on his journey? Will he ever start writing that book he has been promising since 2010? And will he ever stop flirting outrageously with Tashabella? You’ll have keep listening to find out!

Ben Mosher • Alleged Co-Host

The Linux-loving, Fake Aussie and Alleged Co-Host Ben joined the show in 2011 after he foolishly decided to randomly call-in during the show’s live recording. Since that he has been expanding our minds with with his sexy science lab coat wearing and geeky goodness. He is also our religious scholar as and when the need arises – before Leigh gets the real answer from The Qur’an. For some strange reason, only really known by Ben and fellow Kiwis, Ben has the nickname of “Splinter701” – which both Leigh and Tory have no idea why.

It is rumoured that Ben plays the saxophone. It is also alleged Ben plays footie-ball on Fridays with “701Squad”… But from the appalling weekly results, the only people really playing football are the teams’ opponents. He is also the lucky man who has captured the heart of Mrs Splinter.

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Tory Hunter • Wizard of the Soundboard

The sound master first called in to Dirty Boxers on Episode 291 – a day that Leigh wasn’t actually doing the show – but instead a flagellant edition conducted by the Pesky Russia. Thankfully, later on, he called in when Leigh was around and became digital buddies – and now has become a true fixture to the show. Basically, the show is rubbish without Tory’s quick wit and cutting sound clips.

It was only a matter of time before Tory became the master of orchestrating the soundboard of the Dirty Boxers Show – with his background in music and production. Most weekends it is rumoured that he can be found in the middle of a field somewhere in North America – jamming out at a gig or festival – and most Monday’s we get the round-up from his adventures… Well the stuff he can talk about anyway.

Tasha Jones • Head of Research

Tashabella is always in Leigh’s back-end talking mischief and calling him out on silliness.

Beginning a trend-setter of becoming the first lady-type with Fallopian-tubes to say “hello” instead of being a dirty-lurker, she was crowned “The Original Webmistress” back in 2010. From there she also kindly became the much more important “Head of Research” soon after. She is the one who sifts through the internet finding beautifully stupid news or interesting things for the show to chat about.

In her spare time, it is rumoured that she likes scuba diving, rock-climbing and spelunking.

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Jamey Lewis • Big Voice Jay

Since episode 600, Big Voice Jay has become the OFFICIAL voice of the Dirty Boxers Universe. Honestly, it is the highlight of his career.

Like many people, Jay was born. He grew up listening to some of the greatest, most historic radio personalities and stations of all time. He is a native of Nashville, Tennessee – home to more artists and recording studios than ever before. So some of it has rubbed off, or there is something in the water?

Between Tory and Jay (with the odd bit from Leigh), they create the unique interesting sound-scape that is the Dirty Boxers Show. Jay has done many voice-overs gigs over the years, but nothing has truly compared to working with such silly-sausages like the Family of Dirty Boxers.

Jay is also a self-described computer geek, which always helps around here – building his current home studio from scratch. If something breaks in the studio, he can probably fix it! (Famous last words there)

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Dom McKenzie • Illustrator Expert

Finally, but defiantly not least, Dominic McKenzie is the brains behind the legendary visual design of Dirty Boxers. Dominic is the person who took our random audio and gave it life in illustration form – the brand that everyone knows. The thing that is amazing about Mr McKenzie is that he is a world-renowned illustrator. Like a proper, actual, brilliant illustrator. A real one!

He is someone who has his awesome works being frequently being published by The Guardian, The International New York Times, The Boston Globe, WIRED & The Globe and Mail to name a few. He has published books in own right. He has art shows everywhere and sells his prints around the world. Yet it truly amazes me that he is always so willing to pick-up his pens and belittle his amazing talent to create the hugely crude and fowl sketchings of the Dirty Boxers Show.

Let’s be honest, this man has made an amazingly successful career for himself – and yet he personally drew the drawings for the Dirty Boxers Podcast (then). When they were being drawn, Leigh constantly kept telling him the stuff he was producing for us was too good, can he make it ‘worse’. The direction Leigh always gave him was “pretend you’re someone who is on the phone to their bank… on-hold for the twenty-eighth minute… and they start doodling on a notepad”. True friendship. True genius!

Cheers buddy!

A special thanks…

Over the years, we have been graced by the support and dedication of several people who can no longer commit as much as they once did “back in the day” because life got in the way. They will always be members of the Family of Dirty Boxers – and without them, we would not be here today.

Tony Thatcher • Tony “The Batty Boy” Tony

The Dirty Boxer Show’s original (and technically only) Co-host. Tony’s run started from Episode 14 – and without his support in the early days, we wouldn’t have seen 20!

Officially Tony is still in-charge of the Dirty Boxers Show Fan Club – but that’s like saying Ben is doing really well sorting out Leigh’s Wikipedia entry…

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James Hart • Original Jingle Master

James ‘From Luton, not from Leeds’ Hart

The clever chappy who was kind enough to produce, create and sing the Dirty Boxers jingles. A very talented fella who has great knowledge about radio shows, production and the media in general… Very much someone to keep an eye on!

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Brennig Jones • Astra Hosting

Brennig is a true star! A fellow podcaster who runs the wicked This Reality Podcast.

Back when the show was still very early on, we suddenly got a £300 bill from our previous hosting company for 1 month’s usage – which we just could not afford.

As Brennig runs Astra Hosting, he amazingly stepped forward to sponsor the hosting of the show for many years. With out that kind generosity, the show just would not have continued. We owe a lot of debt and gratitude to Bren.

Thanks mister.

Dedicated in loving and fond memory to

Sally Geeson
* * *
Bradley Gamble

Never far from our thoughts.

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