Chinwag with AzzyChill | Dirty Boxers Show | Episode 807

It be Wednesday…

Associate Producers: Matthew Blakeburn & Marty from the WI

Leigh is joined by Aaron friend of the show, and better known as AzzyChill on YouTube (as well as other social media places). Obviously, as we have a new friend on the show, Leigh decides to spend MUCH time working out why he doesn’t sound like the place he is from.

First off, a pause for some important housekeeping news: Much Love to Tashabella at a difficult time, and said news that Erik Lanigan has died (last year, but the news is just breaking of it).

Meanwhile, Leigh believes that Aaron has a Twitter “problem” – and we prove this with science and research. We also finally find out why Aaron started his YouTube channel – plus we pose the question of why do some Young British (boy) YouTubers “make it” – while others don’t?! Which then begs the question, would Aaron “sellout” if Acme Inc shoved him some dosh?

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On Extra Dirty:

  • Aaron is still with us.
  • Leigh tries to peer-pressure Aaron, and fails.
  • Geeks vs Idiots.
  • The dreams of Dudley.
  • Tory joins us with a delightful story.

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