Single Men are Paedophiles, Tory has a Sticky Keyboard & Some Home Truths | Dirty Boxers Show | Episode 794

It be Wednesday…

Leigh is going to be cunning and naughty, and slag off a lot of people and explain some serious home truths concerning the Dirty Boxers Family in Extra Dirty – as the people involved don’t support Dirty Boxers and won’t have access to it. Due to stupidity and high on Lemsip, Leigh has forgotten to do the Parade of Awesome – so we put it right today! Tory is having major issues with his studio and keyboard.

Meanwhile, A bird enthusiast made a 25-mile trip to see a falconry display at a family leisure park only to be told that single adults are banned – for fear of paedophiles.

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On Extra Dirty:

  • Home truths about Dirty Boxers Show
  • Home truths about Leigh’s Charity
  • Home truths about the future of everything

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