S Club 7 are back, Tory & Leigh Reviews Their Re-Launch “Performance”, plus The Walking Dead | Dirty Boxers Show | Episode 793

It be Monday…

Tory and Leigh are playing and mucking about as “Daddy Ben” is a way today. On Friday, Tashabella’s favourite band OF ALL TIME (maybe a lie) S Club 7 reformed – in no way as a desperate money grab. Meanwhile, it is Wonky Peaks Railway John’s Birthday.

With Tory’s superior music skills, and Leigh having heard a song that one time, they are more than trained to pull a part S Club’s relaunch performance that foolishly happened LIVE on Friday Night’s BBC Children in Need.

Meanwhile, the reason why Leigh doesn’t subscribe to Netflix – even though he really would like to catch up on all things The Walking Dead. Tory rubs it in.

On Extra Dirty:

  • There have been links posted in the Chatroom, and causes issues
  • Leigh received a weird SMS message last Wednesday from an Ex-Mrs Brown – friends with benefits
  • INTERLUDE: Quick story about weddings over the weekend…
  • Leigh want’s a cool Super Hero Sleeping Bag – Tory disagrees
  • THEMED Underoos are ALSO a thing, which are concerning

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