Naming and Shaming, NEW THINGS & @Vobes has TOO much talent | Dirty Boxers Show | Episode 777

It be Wednesday…

Leigh and Ben have a nice relaxed show… Even though they have the giggles. Leigh has heard some exciting news that Richard Vobes of is possibly bringing back his show! Leigh want’s everyone to contact Richard via twitter and lovingly bully his to bring back the Vobes Show. However, it slowly dawns on Leigh that Richard is way more talented than Leigh – with Richard recently publishing a book: Splidge Children’s books, AND Bald Explorer, and Naked Englishman podcasts – turns Leigh crazy.

To find out more, and to purchase either paperback or Kindle version of Splidge the Cragflinger – click here to go to YOUR local Amazon

Meanwhile, Ben plays 5-a-side football with 8 players. We have great insight about what happens at a scratch-match – we learn many things. Ben likes playing football casually, with polite subtle racism.

A new T-shirt AND something HUGE is coming at the end of October… If you’re getting your Christmas list to give to friends, there will be something coming that you may want to have, that will have to be quick it you want it signed before end of year.

Top 5 Geeky News:

  1. Counterfeit Xbox One makers charged in US and Australia: Four people have been charged in the US and one in Australia for their alleged involvement in a hacking ring that stole pre-release video game data.Prosecutors have claimed that members of the group managed to use some of the information to create counterfeit versions of the Xbox One console.
  2. Microsoft unveils Windows 10 system with Start Menu: Microsoft has disclosed the first details of Windows 10 – its next operating system (OS). The name is a surprise, bearing in mind it represents a jump from the last version – Windows 8.
  3. Snoop Dogg’s cash for Reddit users in sharing scheme: Rapper Snoop Dogg, actor Jared Leto and Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel are among the famous names investing in social news site Reddit. The site said it raised $50m (£31m) in funding, and that it would take the unusual step of giving some of it to its users in the form of shares.
  4. Cheryl Cole ‘most dangerous celebrity’ says security firm: X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has been named as the “most dangerous celebrity” online in the UK. A security firm has been measuring the amount of malicious websites linked to a star’s name.
  5. Voice-activated devices pose security threat: Voice-activated smartphones and other devices can be a significant security risk, warn researchers. An expert at security firm AVG found some voice-activated systems responded just as well to fake voices as they did to that of the owner.

Thousands of customers have been unable to renew their car tax online, after the DVLA website was swamped. A film adaptation of the classic ‘80s video game “Tetris” will be falling into theaters sometime in the near future.

On Extra Dirty:

  • David Cameron’s (remixed) speech from the Conservative Conference
  • There a HUGE things coming at end of October – Ben ruins one of the surprises
  • Online auction giant eBay pays just £620,000 of UK tax on £1.3billion of sales

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