As most of you know, we have had major issues with our podcast since Mevio (foolishly in our opinion) changed their business model (and name) at end of April with little warning. This left our show / podcast with no podcast hosting, and now 760 episode ALL needing updating, re-uploading, and generally much mucking about to fix. And this is STILL on going…

From today, you can now link directly to our episodes to download and listen from 101 – 760 by using the following link:{{insert number here}}.mp3

So for episode 532, a classic, I think we can all agree, you’d use: .mp3 [without the space]

Today’s show, episode 760 would be: .mp3 [without the space]

This is FAR from perfect, but it’s the best we can do right now to ensure timely distribution of our shows. As you can see, WE are now hosting our files [ALL 60 GIGS of them] to ensure this will NEVER happen again. Lessons have been learnt: We can only trust our DB Family! This is a temporary solution to a MAJOR problem we have.

Also, if you use BitTorrent Sync, which is also updated promptly after every show, you can find our key to subscribe on our website under:

Podcasts WILL resume shortly. Hope you understand,

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