The Vobes doesn’t like Guinness Surger | Extra Dirty | Episode 722

It be Wednesday POSTSHOW…

Leigh met up with Richard Vobes of, as he was working near Bury St Edmunds, on Monday night. Great issues were had with the Bar having rubbish Greene King IPA (especially when the bar is about 700yrds from the Greene King Brewery). The Vobes had to settle for a Guinness Surger – a strange, and weird tasting excuse for a Guinness.

From Wikipedia:
In March 2006, Guinness introduced the “surger” in Britain. The surger is a plate-like electrical device meant for the home. It sends ultrasonic waves through a Guinness-filled pint glass to recreate the beer’s “surge and settle” effect. The device works in conjunction with special cans of surger-ready Guinness. Guinness tried out a primitive version of this system in 1977 in New York. The idea was abandoned until 2003, when it began testing the surger in Japanese bars, most of which are too small to accommodate traditional keg-and-tap systems. Since then, the surger has been introduced to bars in Paris. Surgers are also in use in Australia,Singapore and Greece. The surger for the US market was announced on 14 November 2007; plans were to make the unit available to bars only.

On Tuesday, Leigh met up with Ginger Martin from his Cambridge University days. It was interesting to compare both conversations, especially as he discussed his plans for Canvas with both.

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