Dirty Boxers Retreat | Memorable Moment

Leigh has been researching the more affordable places to live in the world, and thinks it’s a good idea to go to Bulgaria – where land is cheap on eBay. With this land, Leigh is planning to build a Dirty Boxers Retreat, where people can come and learn the ‘beautiful’ teachings of Dirty Boxers. Ben is confused, and Tory want’s nothing to do with the silly idea.

This sexy snippet of joy comes from Episode 693 of the Dirty Boxers Show: http://bit.ly/18JIJgH.

Star Trek Online Review | Memorable Moment

Leigh has finally decided to try out Star Trek Online – after 4 years of Neagle bullying him about it. Ben and Tory are not exactly amused by this, and neither is Leigh after 48hours. Leigh reviews his experience as a new user to the STO game, and how difficult it was to actually play the game.

This sexy snippet of joy comes from Episodes 699 and 700 of the Dirty Boxers Show: http://bit.ly/dbep699 & http://bit.ly/db700.

142 Felony Counts for Instagram, Filming Students and Coming Out Live [AGAIN] | Bitesize

The first Dirty Boxers: Bitesize, where we talk about the weird news that has been submitted via the Dirty Boxers Family.


Eugenio Freitas Caught Masturbating In The Meat Aisle Of UK Supermarket. Fortunately, the only meat he touched was his own. Eugenio Freitas, 49, “fully intended” to go shopping at a local supermarket when he got extremely horny, became overwhelmed by his “excessive sexual drive,” and began touching himself through his pants in the meat aisle, according to a UK court hearing. Closed circuit television recorded Freitas with his hands in his pockets for about 10 minutes.

Seth Thompson, Ex-Library Employee, Filmed Students Masturbating In Bathroom. A former library employee at Floriday Atlantic University is accused of secretly filming students masturbating in a campus bathroom, then uploading the videos to porn websites.

Dupree Johnson Charged With 142 Felony Counts After Cop Sees His Instagram. Posting a few selfies helped a south Florida man end up in a jail cell. A sheriff in Palm Beach County, Fla., recently came across the Instagram page of Dupree Johnson, 19. Noting that Johnson had a rap sheet that included grand theft, burglary, and felony possession of a firearm, the deputy decided to look more closely at the pictures.

Coming Out Live [AGAIN]: http://bit.ly/IK4Ehs


Greg Davies: The Back of My Mum’s Head Tour | Memorable Moment

Last night Leigh went to see Greg Davies: Back of my Mum’s Head tour at the Cambridge Corn Exchange. There are many stories of different things elements to the trip to watch Greg Davies live. However the BIGGEST issue was over priced beers! Leigh and Ben decides to plot about maybe doing a Dirty Boxers tour one day…

This sexy snippet of joy comes from Episode 699 of the Dirty Boxers Show: http://bit.ly/db700

The Frustration of when Things go Wrong… | Pixel Pusher

Well today was crap.

It’s just one of those annoying, horrid, foul things I suppose that just happens. And when I come to think about it, we don’t really have that many ‘issues’ or bad days with the Dirty Boxers Universe – especially with the amount of days that strangely dance in to months. But that’s such a pansy thing to say. And this is a rant. So let me please continue…

For those who haven’t heard, just as we started to enter the second hour of the show, there was several power surges, and finally a power cut, which obviously crashed all the PCs and lost all the recordings up to that point.

What really annoys me about shitty things like what happened today is that it is out of the hands of the Dirty Boxers Family. It’s the frustration of not being in control, or if we have lost control through out own stupidity, at least we have the opportunity some how to bring it back on track.

It’s probably my own foolishness that is not allowing me to ‘let go’ about what happened. When the power finally disappeared the air was blue for a while, I can tell you. But as the day turned in to evening, I am still harbouring some ‘anger’ towards the loss of discussion that we had created up to that point. (Especially as I was told I was right on several occasions on subjects covered in yesterday’s show, and now there is no recording of that).

But I suppose what I have learned about today is that I have a strange affection for the old DB show. It’s always been, for so long. It’s my day and night. All I seem to do is work, rest and play Dirty Boxers (thanks Mars Bar). I am unsure if other creators have the same kind of relationship with their creations. Is JK Rowling returning to the Harry Potter world cause of the money? Perhaps it’s because her young adult book failed? Or maybe, is it because she can’t leave Hogwarts? Or maybe I am a freak who can’t leave.

This is some of the reason why I need to pull back the shows to 3 times a week from January 2014. It’s not because I want to, a part of me kind of knows I need to. Today was the first time it has been proved to me. I have so many ideas, concepts and desires that I want to achieve before I am chucked 6 feet under – and the schedule of DB (which I completely acknowledge is my own doing), needs to be pruned a little to fit everything in.

This doesn’t mean you as a Family member of DB will be short-changed or left high-and-dry. As you have started to see over the past few days we are moving towards producing a lot more video – which was always my first love. But that doesn’t mean that video is now my only love. I have become so appreciative of the tender and personal media of radio over the past few years, that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to let it go. So until the other one finds out, I’ll be cheating on them both for you.

Detailed Birds-eye Overview of the Layout and Controller | Wonky Peaks Railway

In the final installment for today, John gives us a much more detailed look at the Wonky Peaks layout – as well as some of the stock that is currently running on it. John also gives some important tips about how to design a model railroad layout, if you are thinking about doing one yourself. The Wonky Peaks Railway is being controlled by a ‘DigiTrax’ system.

Trains in this video include:

The MP15DC is a versatile locomotive that is employed by both large and small railroads across North America in road freight and yard switching duties.