DB696 – Man sues over repeated anal probes, Bye bye Blockbuster, eBay Lies, and Kittens as Fishbait?

It be Friday…

After being mucked about yesterday, Leigh is now the proud Daddy of a new Skype PC – called Hilly – courtesy of Marty from the WI. Today is a mark in show history, as from today we are no longer using any piece of equipment or cable that we started the show with back in 2009. Everything is new – specifically purchased for the show.

Blockbuster Closing All Of Its Remaining Retail Stores – end of an era. Blockbuster plans to end all domestic retail activity, as well as its by-mail movie distribution, by early 2014, the home movie provider’s parent company, DISH Network, announced Wednesday in a press release.

UK commissioner creates ‘pensions’ for police dogs. Paddy Tipping says the idea for a canine pension fund came about because officers were picking up the costs for retired police dogs. Handlers normally take dogs home upon retirement.

A New Mexico man has filed a lawsuit claiming police subjected him to repeated anal probes and enemas after a routine traffic stop because they suspected he was hiding drugs.

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