Does Chunky Tom Daley have Talent? | Extra Dirty | Episode 700

It be Friday POSTSHOW… Leigh is joined with Ben, Tory, Chunky Tom Daley, Marty from WI, Big Voice Jay and Cynmac! We have a very lovely, award winning catch up with everyone – and then play does Chunky Tom Daley have talent?! Video Version [membership level=”1″”2″”3″”4″”5″”6″”7″”8″][/membership] Audio Version

Studio Software Late 2013 | Pixel Pusher

A studio tour is not complete without the overview of the software involved in creating the Dirty Boxers Show… And here it is! [membership level=”1″”2″”3″”4″”5″”6″”7″”8″][/membership]

Quick Studio Tour | Pixel Pusher

After much bullying and requesting, here is a quick over view of the Attic Studio in a rather messy state – with old coffee cups and dust everywhere! (Leigh needs a womans touch perhaps?!) [membership level=”1″”2″”3″”4″”5″”6″”7″”8″][/membership]

Test Footage | Pixel Pusher

In the middle of November 2013, Ali and Leigh decided it was a good idea to test out the new Canon cameras Leigh had purchased for the DB Show (and other projects). However, for some STRANGE reason they decided to do this at 3am and the trip was to McDonalds. But the following footage was […]