Should the Dirty Boxers Family have a Saucy and Sexy Uniform?

So I’ve been thinking during my week off about creating something that might freak some people out, but there is as always, theory to my madness.

Everywhere you look there are uniforms for the different things. Some boring and dull ones for work. Others are produced to show your support for sports teams. Then there’s those legendary ones from Star Trek.

What’s weird to me concerning sports shirts is the fact it is publicly acceptable to wear one in public without too much issue. (That’s unless you’re unfortunate enough to bump in to a crowd full of your team’s arch rivals). However, what isn’t acceptable to society at large is wondering down the road dressed in a Star Trek uniform. Double standards if you ask me.

But I was wondering, what if the Dirty Boxers Show has it’s own ‘uniform’ that people could wear out and about, and would look almost identical to a sports shirt – until you looked closer at it. When you look closer, people would realise that it isn’t a sports shirt at all, but in fact an epic geeky creation.

This got me thinking further that perhaps each year the design changes, like a football shirt, to reflect a different TV show or geeky thing perhaps. For example, this year it would have been cool to base the design on Doctor Who – to celebrate the 50th anniversary. In 2015 we could have one based on Mars One – as they get ready to launch their manned mission to the red planet.

So now suddenly, it’s a collectible item. The new Dirty Boxers ‘kit’ is only available for that ‘session’ or year – and once the year is over, it’s gone.

Now, I’m not saying there should also be an away kit too, just one special shirt that is based upon something that is going to happen that year. These won’t replace the current shirts that are available in the store, just something that is slightly more special for people who’d like that kind of thing.

Would love to hear your thoughts – please post them below!

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