DB600 – Groping On a Plane, Rent a Mourner and Goodbye James!

It be Friday…

We start the day with great skype issues and sadness since it is James’s (our jingle voice) last day as our main branding voice.

Cheques (checks for the americanos) are useless according to Leigh, because the banks are making it more and more difficult and arduous to transfer money using them.

We then talk about the Dirty Boxers TV Licencse, Car Wash and the 2 weeks break.

A man has been charged with simple assault over an alleged groping of a sleeping woman on an aeroplane.

Rent-A-Mourner is now live and available for service. They offer a discreetly crying person or persons at your funeral to help with the atmosphere.

A man has been charged with disorderly conduct for accidentally putting an egg, in an easter egg hunt, out with 1500 other chocolate eggs.

DB599 – One in five French bottled water brands contaminated with drugs and Charging to browse

It be Thursday…

We do a long intro, talking about Radio Dan and other random things. Then launch into a discussion of podcasts and other similar things.

We then play a clip of the new Dr Who, and talk about how each of us likes/dislikes the show.

James (our jingle voice) will be leaving 🙁 Leigh has a sad time, but is cheered up by a game of magazine battleships!

1 in 5 french bottled water bottles are contaminated with drugs. Who knew?

An Australian business has decided to charge customers for browsing the products, since so many people just browse and then walk out to buy the product online.

DB598 – Sea king replacement ‘brings danger’, Did Dr Beeching get it wrong, and Father sues son over iPad?!

It be Wednesday…

Brian, Ben, Tory, Cynthia and Tashabella join Leigh for a random ranty show of joy.

The UK’s emergency helicopters have been replaced with a private American companies helicopters. We then deal with troubles on the stream, and move to the emergency backup system. 50 years ago yesterday, the Beeching report cut a lot of railways. This was in the same newspapers as the above story.

A man in the west country of the UK has sued his son over in-app purchases on his iPad. LA restaurant names ‘no-show assholes’ on Twitter. Gates Foundation offers $100,000 for more pleasurable condom.

Pre-Production FINALLY started on the “Dirty Boxers: Car Wash” project

From time-to-time I do come up with some AMAZING ideas – come on, you know it’s true – and I think the best by far still has to be the Dirty Boxers: Car Wash concept that will be coming up very soon.

Now, if you’ve have been living under a rock [or wheelie bin – times are hard I know] for the past few weeks, and somehow don’t know what the Car Wash project is, then let me explain.

In a nutshell, the Dirty Boxers: Car Wash will be a 7 min [or so] video episode where I [your fearless leader] goes to take his car. But like most things, sitting in a large piece of machinery while it cleans the crap off my bonet for 7 mins is… well… BORING! The main reason for this is because I do not actually look after my car that well. I’ve always been under the belief that my car is a tool, and is not something to clean, polish or worship.

So to somehow help encourage me to look after my car better, I thought it would be a genius idea to invite complete strangers in to my vehicle to teach me a new skill or trick – to help pass the time. So imagine two strangers locked in a car; surrounded by water, soap, and large amounts of noise – and they have the length of the wash itself to start [and complete] learning a new skill. Exactly, GENIUS IDEA!

While this concept has been bouncing around my head, I’ve been keeping my eye out for a decent [and affordable] camera[s] that could capture the painful experience for your enertainment. The obvious solution would have been to purchase a selection of Go Pros and a suite of accessories – but of course this would be foolishly expensive. This lead me to find Techmoan on YouTube about 10 months ago. He is a fella from the Manchester [UK], who reviews [mostly] strange and unique cameras, tech and gadgets that he has picked up [mostly] from eBay, [mostly] shipped in from China.

Eventually, and the reason for this post, is that he has stumbled across an almost perfect little windscreen car camera called a “808  #18 DR32”:

Techmoan 808 # 18 DR32 Car Camera – Demonstration Review

Obviously, this is still early stages at the moment – especially as now I need to focus on how we’d capture the sound effectively – but thought I’d give you all a sneaky look in to the scrapbook mind of mine 😛

Please check out Techmoan on YouTube and his website [http://www.techmoan.com] – cause I’m a HUGE fan, and think the geeks amongst us would really appreciate his work too!

DB596 – Fake sex ad, Deadbeat dads beware, and Caretaker drinks, $102,000 of vintage whiskey

It be Monday…

Leigh is feeling a tad tired after being ill over the weekend. We have a new game! Digital Herpes, the idea is to mention The Dirty Boxers Show in some way shape or form.
After the game, we continue to play clips from TalkRadioX and comment on them.

We then begin a discussion of the BBC. Allegedly they are following in the footsteps of Netflix and Hulu, even though they have put tv online for longer than those companies have existed. Mansion’s caretaker sneaks, drinks, $102,000 of vintage whiskey. A man in Milwaukee failed to pay child support for 3 years. This sparks a huge discussion involving many people. Hundreds of would-be sex-buyers responded to an advert in a newspaper in western Sweden, which offered the services of a fictional 19-year-old prostitute.

DB595 – Escort charged for penis-biting, The Fudge Factor and Teen Hospitalized After Allergic Reaction

It be Friday…

We begin with a discussion on science and uncertainty. Leigh comes up with the x factor for gays, the fudge factor.

We then discuss Ben’s personal life in great, excruciating detail.

There was a slight hiccup with the soundboard. Fun times and breakdowns were had.

The (alleged) beaver scouts are having a beaver fun day. Leigh claims his life is crap.

Florida news, an escort was charged with attempted murder for penis biting.

Axe body spray puts a teenager in hospital, nasty stuff.

ED594 – Leigh is rather miffed…

It be Thursday POSTSHOW…

Leigh Cynthia, and Tory discuss how Leigh has been spammed with nasty marketing phonecalls, SMS messages and Emails – to the point he believes that some douche he knows has signed him up to a marketing campaign.

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DB594 – Portable urinals, Lego Apples, Woman doesn’t swallow and Drivers protest over ‘smelly’ bus passenger

It be Thursday…

Leigh is in the middle of a perfect storm right now, enough to make a country and western song about it.
The donations have been a bit thin lately, and we desperately need donations.
We then discuss Australian politics, with PM Gillard being represented as a dalek.
Tory then joins the show, and we continue to discuss the Australian government.

The Apple 2 computer has been recreated in lego. [images]
We switch to hoody hoody news, fun times.

ED593 – Planning Ben’s Cougar Cruise and Fridged people!

It be Wednesday POSTSHOW…

Leigh and LoneSQRL are trying to convince Ben to go on the Cougar Cruise [either with or without Mrs Splinter]. Over the weekend, Leigh tried to be the ULTIMATE wing-man over the weekend, but it seems he is surrounded by fridged people!

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DB593 – Ban Hugging and Birthday Party Invitations in US Schools, but ‘Cougar Cruises’ to find cubs to love at sea are fine

It be Wednesday…

Leigh has been terribly injured, and is now standing up to prevent further back pain. Ben is here again, with his hatred of sheep at full force.

We talk about science and other things of that nature.

We then talk about a new invention and the presentation it was given on Charlie boy’s and Mordor’s show. Great product, poor presentation…despite Charlie Boy’s efforts.

US schools are banning hugging and birthday party invitations. School officials insist this will make a safer environment.

We start a discussion on Lonely Planet and its sale from the BBC to Brad Kelley for $75 Million AUD.

Ebay to change fees to lure people into selling on their websites. They are changing their system to a flat rate system.

Cougar cruises exist, Leigh invites Ben to attend, but he is not impressed.