DB574 – Drinking a Corpse, Naked Scammers Blackmail Men and Office Depot/Max merge

It be Thursday…

Leigh is in a weird, yet naughty mood. People do not believe Leigh is a Reverent. Leigh’s Little Brother refused to even see his paperwork. Update concerning Mr Humphries from yesterday. Brian, LoneSQRL, Mr Oil, David and John call in and cause mischief. Brian is complaining that there are rubbish sound… But it turns out to be lies. KKK people hate things beginning ‘N’. Tashabella just uses and abuses Leigh… AGAIN! Feedback concerning Derek plugin.

In the second hour: Office Depot and OfficeMax agree to merge. Naked Scammers Blackmail Men: New Warning. Corpse found in L.A. hotel’s water tank.

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