DB569 – The GREAT Pancake Mix SAGA, C+ for effort, and professional homosexuals in Nottingham

It be Thursday…

Leigh is not having a good week. A simple task of buying ready-made pancake mix for scouts this evening is turning in to a living nightmare! To illistrate this, he calls his local stores to see if they have any pancake mix. Later, Wld Smurf James and Mummy’s Boy Joe call in from Nottingham and discuss being hungover. Mr Humphries and Brian call in to join the ‘fun’.

In the second hour, LoneSQRL has sent Leigh a book to read – Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins, and it’s all decided that we should start a book club [better than Oprah of course]. Goat-lover David calls in to discuss update with Billy-Boy – his nuts are going on Saturday!┬áDeer joins Suffolk sheep in Dunwich and Orford Ness. University student receives C+ grade, sues for $1.3 million.

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