DB568 – Dirty Buckets, Coca-Cola Kills, and Fathers on Fire

It be Wednesday…

David calls in surrounded by goats. Ben is hanging out with Mrs Splinter, and is ‘unable’ to join the show today. We have an interesting catchup about goats. Feedback from LoneSQRL concerning the subject of people who die young, and how we should help them. Leigh would be an AMAZING farmer! Interesting points about the goldern triangle. Concern over Piers Morgan and our mission statement. Leigh gives important top tips about how to flirt while at school. Tashabella is planning to go to Drag Queen show in New York. Pants vs Trousers.

In hour two, Brian joins us. A prosecutor Tuesday told an English jury Mick Philpott and his wife set a fire that killed his six children to frame his former mistress. Survey: Swedes friendlier than Brits. Coca-Cola addiction linked to death.

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