ED576 – Swear pots, exchange rates, car wash idea and the future plans of DB

It be Tuesday POSTSHOW…

Leigh and David talk about how their needs to be a Dirty Boxers swear pot. Exciting discussion about dollar to pounds conversion rates. LoneSQRL joins in too, discussing about Leigh’s new ‘Car Wash’ idea.

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DB576 – How many things can go wrong on an All-You-Can-DRINK Chinese meal? [And other news]

It be Tuesday…

Leigh was ill on Monday – but is back to sort things out! Sometimes, weekends are freaky. Concerns about Neagle’s new cartoon underwear. Meanwhile, how many things could possibly go wrong when going to an All-you-can-drink Chinese meal out?!

In the second hour, LoneSQRL and David call in to discuss about Leigh’s Sunday, and why he felt sick… Nothing to do with sharing a bed with a Professional Homosexual. Brian joins in to try and work out when Leigh should do a show this weekend – to make up for yesterday.

ED575 – The Church of Dirty Boxers and Professional Homosexuals

It be Friday POSTSHOW…

Leigh and LoneSQRL discuss whether Dirty Boxers could be classed as a religious activity – for tax purposes. Cause if Star Trek can be [kind of] a cult, and they have meetings and convensions, why can’t Dirty Boxers? Meanwhile Professional Homosexuals are rude… So, science is discussed – with Joe Peacock and Mummy-boy Joe!

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DB575 – Injury by Furby, DON’T Hug A Manatee, and Boy Scouts’ Gay Ban continues [after promising they would THINK about thinking to change the rules]

It be Friday…

Leigh has to start today’s show with an official statement from the made-up organisation called ‘Scouting’. Brian and LoneSQRL both join the conversation. Flaming Burgers are on the menu on Thursday – even though no one could work out what ‘Flaming Burgers’ actually meant. Meanwhile, the Horse Meat ‘issue’ continues in the UK [while Food Standards Agency continues to do BUGGER ALL about it]. “Further work is being carried out to establish exactly how much horse meat these products contain and to test for the presence of the veterinary medicine phenylbutazone, or bute.”

In the second hour: 21-Year-Old Man Arrested For Hugging A Manatee And Posting Photos On Facebook. ‘Furby’ Assault: Ashley Trimmer, 27, Allegedly Used Toy To Attack Boyfriend. Boy Scouts’ Gay Ban Inspires Ex-Scout To Push California To End Youth Organization’s Tax Exempt Status.

DB574 – Drinking a Corpse, Naked Scammers Blackmail Men and Office Depot/Max merge

It be Thursday…

Leigh is in a weird, yet naughty mood. People do not believe Leigh is a Reverent. Leigh’s Little Brother refused to even see his paperwork. Update concerning Mr Humphries from yesterday. Brian, LoneSQRL, Mr Oil, David and John call in and cause mischief. Brian is complaining that there are rubbish sound… But it turns out to be lies. KKK people hate things beginning ‘N’. Tashabella just uses and abuses Leigh… AGAIN! Feedback concerning Derek plugin.

In the second hour: Office Depot and OfficeMax agree to merge. Naked Scammers Blackmail Men: New Warning. Corpse found in L.A. hotel’s water tank.

ED574 – Foolish Backend Issues and MAJOR rudeness

It be Thursday POSTSHOW…

Leigh and LoneSQRL are trying to make sense of the foolish Skype machine. They be confused. Alfred Hitchcock slam Tashabella for no good reason (maybe he is jealous of her?!). David calls in to discuss the issues caused.

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DB573 – HIV positive jobseeker humiliated, Barn Conversions and 15% Off Pizza For Gun-Owning Customers

It be Wednesday…

What a weird 24hrs for Leigh. Everything he tries to do turns out stupid. If it isn’t driving to a 24hr McDonalds – and finding it closed – it’s finding a cool rental property [here], that he’d love to move in to – but can’t afford it. Meanwhile, Brian joins with the madness and Mr Humphries hates us.

In the second hour, An HIV positive jobseeker has said he was left humiliated by staff at a Kent job centre. All Around Pizzas And Deli Gun Owners Discount: Virginia Pizza Shop Offers 15 Percent Off For Gun-Owning Customers.

DB571 – Leigh angry, Leigh SMASH!

It be Monday…

Leigh returns from a weekend of relaxing and duck feeding. It is half term week here in the UK – and so all the school kids are bored! Back in the day wasn’t allowed a games console… It brings back bad memories. Canadian geese are scary! Meanwhile, Leigh went to the pub to finally sit down with ‘Del’ and Ginger Steve concerning issues over there. LoneSQRL calls in to have a chinwag.

Then all hell breaks loose, with the live stream… And slowly but surely, Leigh gets angry. Brian calls in to talk about lovely things. Voidzero [the guy who plays with streaming servers] calls in to explain what went wrong.

DB570 – Scouting is a lie, Paradise island, and is Bad Porn Good Porn when writing a book?

It be Friday…

Leigh is feeling really fugly today. Over night a vast volcanic island has appeared on the side of his face – but he quickly realises it could turn in to a good Dirty Boxers moneymaker. Meanwhile, bombshell when it is revealed that Scouting, Scout Leaders, young people, Robert Baden-Powell and even pancakes are all lies.

In the second hour, Leigh tries to teach Americans how to Queue properly – as they seem to be the only country in the world that can’t. He uses an example from Thailand [image]. Man faces jail for ‘disgusting’ extreme porn he claims was research for book. The Much Better than “Oprah Winfrey’s Book Club” Book Club is getting ready to start on Monday – Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins [Paperback Version | No Kindle Version].