DB539 – Breast Checks, Santa Cycles, and Pedo Gamers

It be Thursday…

Leigh’s family is leaving him for the holidays *sad face*. We talk about the future of the show for a little while – with the ‘countdown’ to when we launch the Video version of the show. We go into a discussion on film techniques and movies in general – with ‘Arry Ant making an [ALMOST] intelligent observation.

We then go into a discussion of instagram and their TOS. We move into the second half of the show and talk about silly stuff for a while. Leigh also complains about paypal. We then do the caption competition!

Breast cancer can be cured by squeezing breasts according to a study coming from Berkley. People on the sex offenders list can not play online games with x-box live or PSN, we discuss this. A spongebob app has been pulled from the Apple app store because it was collecting information from minors.

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