DB537 – Over Sprinkle My McFlurry, London’s Tweeting [not burning], and the Pit Bull Babysitter

It be Tuesday…

Ben is off at his book club [or IS he?!], so gives Leigh the opportunity to flap about hings that’s on his mind. Twitter could be used to take 999-style emergencies, fire brigade says. McDonald’s “waitress” given £3,000 in an out of court settlement after she was sacked for sprinkling extra chocolate on pal’s McFlurry [image]. Which brings back the idea that the Dirty Boxers family should start up a Fish and Chips franchise across the USA.

Plus, feedback from Matt about moving his friend from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Stockton, California – with ‘helpful’ tourism information from our man on the ground. James Irvine Left Pit Bull To Babysit Infant Son. Is Memphis the new Florida? Man Arrested for Soliciting a 14-Year-Old for Sex.

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