DB531 – Gingerbread Racism, Too Happy Meal, and Snorting Ashes

It be Monday…

Leigh has been infected! We also have lots of callers, we have the usuals of Ben, Matt and LoneSQRL and special guests of Redback, Mrs Splinter, Aussie Matt and Bryce. Mayhem ensues…

School reverses gingerbread man ban [image of ‘Star Boys’]. McDonald’s Cash Register Playset: Lower Your Kid’s Expectations This Christmas [image]. Man accused of stealing and snorting ashes gets 8 years. Leigh plays the ‘full’ prank phone call from 2Day FM to the King Edward VII’s hospital – as may reports of this news are not including the recording.

We end with a concerning report that Nostradamus predicted PSY’s Gangnan Style song will end the world on 21st December back in 1503 [image].

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