DB540 – Mince Pies, Permanent Penii, and Invasion of the Stocking Stuffers

It be Friday…

Leigh was at scouts yesterday, and also on the Radio Dan Show [archived here], what a busy boy. Jay has sent us some interesting promos and branding!
Leighs parents finally went on holiday, with much fanfare.

Leighs scout night was a plain clothes, but he went in uniform. He then went and had a pint with his friends, leaving the rest of the scouts behind, then he left his friends and visited the scouts… and so on.

We then continue with the caption competition, with a winner by the name of John!

We continue with proper news of a floridio variety, but not actually florida news. A female college student has been struck in the face with a sock full of feces on public transport. Madonna has been the victim of second hand smoke, when a fan of hers lit up during one her shows. She proceeded to yell at the fan and threaten to not continue with the show.

A man has had a permanent marker tattoo drawn on him while he was passed out.

DB539 – Breast Checks, Santa Cycles, and Pedo Gamers

It be Thursday…

Leigh’s family is leaving him for the holidays *sad face*. We talk about the future of the show for a little while – with the ‘countdown’ to when we launch the Video version of the show. We go into a discussion on film techniques and movies in general – with ‘Arry Ant making an [ALMOST] intelligent observation.

We then go into a discussion of instagram and their TOS. We move into the second half of the show and talk about silly stuff for a while. Leigh also complains about paypal. We then do the caption competition!

Breast cancer can be cured by squeezing breasts according to a study coming from Berkley. People on the sex offenders list can not play online games with x-box live or PSN, we discuss this. A spongebob app has been pulled from the Apple app store because it was collecting information from minors.

DB538 – Death by Pork Chop, Leaves From the Family Tree, and Fisting in Memphis

It be Wednesday…

We start off with horrid connection issues and funny stuff… As Skype connections fail us, with flip to Mumble and realise Ben sounds like a Dalek!

Ikea slashes price of festive firs to just £1. It has been an exciting week for the Queen of England. There now a part of Antarctica that is named after her. She also has visited 10 Downing St for a cabinet meeting.

Today’s caption competition of a Nudist Christmas Card [image] was won by TXTBone with:

“How we gonna get the super glue off these bloody leaves dear?”
“The breeze is making mine flap in the wind, mommy”

In Florida news, a Roommate Killed Over Pork Chop. Meanwhile in Memphis, Adults Get Involved After Student Fights.

DB537 – Over Sprinkle My McFlurry, London’s Tweeting [not burning], and the Pit Bull Babysitter

It be Tuesday…

Ben is off at his book club [or IS he?!], so gives Leigh the opportunity to flap about hings that’s on his mind. Twitter could be used to take 999-style emergencies, fire brigade says. McDonald’s “waitress” given £3,000 in an out of court settlement after she was sacked for sprinkling extra chocolate on pal’s McFlurry [image]. Which brings back the idea that the Dirty Boxers family should start up a Fish and Chips franchise across the USA.

Plus, feedback from Matt about moving his friend from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Stockton, California – with ‘helpful’ tourism information from our man on the ground. James Irvine Left Pit Bull To Babysit Infant Son. Is Memphis the new Florida? Man Arrested for Soliciting a 14-Year-Old for Sex.

DB536 – Hobbit Review, Shaving Santa, and Stabby in the Back Face

It be Monday…

Leigh has his voice back! We talk about the weekend and Ben has some bad news. We then go straight into the review of the Hobbit! (No spoilers of course)… We discuss the 48 framerate, the discussion with should the Hobbit really have been filmed in 3D? Plus the stupid idea of filming it at 5k ‘HD’ when digital projectors at the moment can only go up to 4k.

After the top of the hour, we continue with movie talk involving the Hobbit in places.

We then talk about the show, its a show about a show – with MANY rather ‘strong’ feedback brought up over the weekend from the family of Dirty Boxers.

DB535 – Hands off My Woggle, Proper Fish & Chips, and iTaze

It be Friday…

Leigh walks in rain, shopping for car floormats for brother’s festmas. Scouts are told if they sew fast enough they can get their science badge from the sparkle produced. Leigh’s woggle is taken. Proper Fish & Chips.

We talk about our new advertising system that will be implemented at the start of next year.

Police taze Woman for buying too many iPhones.

DB534 – Laser Scouts, Hobbit in Super HD, and Helping Small Businesses

It be Thursday…

We are technologically advanced today! The hobbit is being shot in Super HD.

We then talk about scouty wouts and a big issue that needs resolving. Since Leigh can not get a good answer from the family of Dirty Boxers, he CALLS IN to scout headquarters to get a serious answer and he does.

Leigh has had an amazing idea, we will accept advertising on the show after the 1st of January. We will charge $1 on the first day of the year, $2 on the second day and so on. The advertiser for the day will get exclusive advertising for that day.

DB533 – Leigh’s Throat Woes and Don’t Swallow Your Balls

It be Wednesday…

Leigh is still sick, but is feeling ever-so-slightly better. We start of by discussing sick days and sickness. It is 12/12/12 today and thats about all there is.

We continue with the countdown to the hobbit, with interesting facts and teases!

13 year old boys looted a Wisconsin pharmacy for condoms and candy at knife-point.

The Russians are stocking up on candles and vodka, essential supplies.

Students in the UK are using fake tongue piercings that involve magnets, these pose serious health risks if swallowed.

A Florida entrepreneur, Jason Sadler, says he is raising money for his business by auctioning the rights to his last name.

DB531 – Gingerbread Racism, Too Happy Meal, and Snorting Ashes

It be Monday…

Leigh has been infected! We also have lots of callers, we have the usuals of Ben, Matt and LoneSQRL and special guests of Redback, Mrs Splinter, Aussie Matt and Bryce. Mayhem ensues…

School reverses gingerbread man ban [image of ‘Star Boys’]. McDonald’s Cash Register Playset: Lower Your Kid’s Expectations This Christmas [image]. Man accused of stealing and snorting ashes gets 8 years. Leigh plays the ‘full’ prank phone call from 2Day FM to the King Edward VII’s hospital – as may reports of this news are not including the recording.

We end with a concerning report that Nostradamus predicted PSY’s Gangnan Style song will end the world on 21st December back in 1503 [image].

DB530 – Festmas Cards, Nurse Suicide and Stabbing Me Softly

It be Friday…

Leigh is sending out christmas cards. He visited a small post office shoppe and is planning to go back again.

We then talk again about the countdown to the hobbit!

An Aussie radio station has called a hospital (where the duchess of Cambridge was being treated) pretending to be the queen. The nurse that let them through has been found dead, an apparent suicide.

Our christmas song title has been decided “stabbing me softly with a spoon”.

We have florida news! A woman who was inflicted with a rare sexual disorder has died.