DB518 – Tesco Runaround, Courtney Oops, and Don’t Bring a Penis to a Gun Fight

It be Tuesday…

After a weird day of trying to cope with being an undiagnosed ADHD suffer, Leigh has spent most of his time kicking leaves in his back garden. Then Leigh has an early night, as he is concerned he came across yet ANOTHER Star Trek Voyager he has never seen before. This morning Leigh woke up at 5am for NO good reason – but found himself in an awkward conversation standing in Tesco at 7am trying to buy coffee.

Former hotel manager gives birth in buisness room, is now fired. A schoolboy has been banned from growing a mo for movember. A man was arrested for mistaking another girl for his daughter picking her up from school. A public masturbator while being arrested by police told them “wait, I’m nearly finished”

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