DB513 – Lord McAlpine is Egotistical and Opportunistic Douche: He was not the ONLY Senior Conservative of Thatcher

It be Monday…

Turns out we have some LOVELY technical difficulties at the beginning of the week… But we finally get in to the core of the discussion. BBC Newsnight is slammed by Lord McAlpine for ‘outing’ him as a peodophile last week – even though they didn’t. This is following on from a few weeks ago about the Jimmy Saville case, Leigh plays a clip from Friday’s Newsnight, which explains the ‘crisis at the BBC’ very well. The main focus is concerning the sexual abuse of children at north Wales care homes.

Both the man at the centre of this, Steve Messham, who was a vicim of abuse at the North Wales care home and BBC Newsnight never mentioned Lord McAlpine in the report – and it is in fact Lord McAlpine who has decided to step forward to slam the allegations – even though he is not the only ‘senior political person’ of the Conservative Thatcher era. A whole big ruckas with lawsuits and crap has been spurred by Twitter.

It seems to be opportunistic of Lord McAlpine to start legal proceedings against the BBC and individual Twitter users who decided to gossip about the identity of the ‘Senior Political’ abuser via social media networks over the week. Leigh reminds people that there are victims here – and Lord McAlpine is not one of them.

We compare the treatment of the BBC to the treatment of the Daily Mail when each of them makes ‘a mistake’.

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